When it comes to amazing childhood bedrooms, this Portal-themed setup is a tough act to follow.

There are days where I really resent that my parents weren’t awesome gamers who decided to give me a truly amazing bedroom when I was a kid. Case in point: This adorable little boy just received a Portal-themed room that’s almost guaranteed to be cooler than the ratholes we all go home to to sleep in.

Vector Farr – who has one of the best names ever – is the son of James Farr, the animator/director who’s probably best known for the Xombie Flash cartoons. Farr decorated his son’s bedroom to look like it’s straight out of Aperture Laboratories, complete with orange propulsion gel, cake-themed wall scribbles, companion cubes, pressure buttons, and an actual GladOS camera.

As if that’s not enough to make you melt with jealousy, it turns out that Vector has a Portal bathroom, too. When I die, I want to come back as one of James Farr’s kids.

Source: James Farr via Joystiq

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