Your Chance to Help The Escapist!



Help us test out our Live Video Chat by talking with The Escapist Staff today at 4pm!

We’re beta testing a new Live Video Chat feature that will let you, our lovely readers, interact with special guests in real time. But before we let you loose on Escapist celebrities, we figured we’d work out the kinks in the system with the Escapist Staff. (Hey, it’s their job to put up with shenanigans like this.)

That’s where you come in. Today at 4pm EDT, we need you to join us for the Live Video Chat. It’s really easy – just click this link and you’ll be taken right to the page where the chat will be held. On the bottom will be a special IRC chat room, where you can ask questions that you’d like the staff to answer. Up top, you’ll see a video feed of them as they struggle to come up with an answer that doesn’t make them look dumb. Simple! Well, assuming nothing blows up, that is. Please note, if you are already logged into IRC, your nickname will not show up in THIS chatroom.

What game is Russ Pitts playing right now? What’s John Funk’s Pokemon dream team? How would Susan Arendt fix Wet? Why do police continually receive reports of screams coming from Jordan Deam’s basement? Now’s your chance to find out!

Please join us today at 4pm EDT to help us test the system. There may even be…a reward…(cue dramatic music).

To start, Click Here! We look forward to you seeing us LIVE! (This link will not be live until 3:45PM EDT – [timer=Sep 30, 2009 19:45] from now).

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