Destiny 3x3

Destiny is finally getting released, we want you to get into the game without having to shell out any of your hard earned money.

These days it’s rare to get a good sci-fi shooter, in the past we’ve had the Battlefront, and Halo series’, but now the creators of Halo bring us into the 28th century with Destiny. After a lengthy development and Beta we finally get to see Destiny live up to its hype. We’ve been teased for several years about this game changing shooter, since it was first mentioned in Halo 3: ODST. We at The Escapist want you to escape into the future of first person shooters, so we’re giving away a copy of Destiny to one lucky person. You know you want to play, so why not play for free?

Click here to get in the running for a copy of Bungie’s masterpiece Destiny.

The contest will be running through the end of September, so get in before it’s too late. Be the first of your friends to get your hands on this epic game, and you’ll finally have an MMO style FPS that you’ve always wanted.

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