The truth can only be erased for so long.

2K’s XCom shooter pulled a Prey 2 last week, as its website suddenly disappeared without warning and its videos were pulled from 2K’s YouTube channel, and while images of the game still appear on 2K Marin’s site, the “official site” banner now leads to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. All in all, it’s not what you’d call an encouraging sign for people looking forward to the unusual first-person take on the famed strategy property.

But is there more to all of this than meets the eye? A YouTube video entitled Russian Meteor Lies, posted by “Veritas MCMLXII,” suggests that perhaps the truth remains out there.

“A meteor? That’s what they want you to believe?” a heavily masked voice says over a recording of the purported meteor that exploded over Russia earlier this year. “We did it differently in my time. We didn’t cover it up. We erased the truth. We told ourselves it was the right thing to do. The truth can only be erased for so long.”

A little less fun (but a little more convincing) is the fact that some gaming sites, including, have received press kits for something that maybe might be (okay, quite obviously is) the XCom shooter.

The question now appears to be whether or not it will remain an XCom game when it’s finally re-revealed to the public. A rumor (piled on top of a rumor) is that when the game steps back into the light it will be with a new name, The Bureau, which fits not only thematically but also with domains 2K registered in February, including and Perhaps it will be a subtitle, or perhaps a whole new game; or maybe it’s just a bunch of nonsense made up by over-eager fans. Whatever the case, and whatever the name, I’m glad there’s still hope that this thing is still kicking.

Via: Gameranx

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