The Game Developer’s Choice Awards will have a light touch of schizophrenia this year, as The Escapist’s Yahtzee Croshaw offers his own unique take on the proceedings by way of three new Zero Punctuation videos.

The Escapist, a cutting-edge online gaming magazine, has announced it will be sponsoring this year’s GDC Awards, and will also be producing three new Zero Punctuation videos that will be played during the ceremony. Zero Punctuation, Croshaw’s weekly rapid-fire video review of the biggest and best (or worst) games to hit the market, appears weekly at The Escapist.

“We’re delighted to be a part of an event highlighting the excellent and innovative work of the field we cover,” said Escapist Editor-in-Chief Julianne Greer. “And of course we’re going to throw in a little of our own commentary as well, just to spice things up a bit.” The exclusive Zero Punctuation clips will feature Croshaw offering his own personal awards for videogame achievement in 2007, in his uniquely animated style. The three videos will make their public debut on The Escapist following the ceremony.

Launched in August 2007, the Zero Punctuation video reviews feature fast talking, a funny accent, lively animation and a cutting, no-holds-barred look at the day’s most popular videogames. Since its debut on The Escapist, the feature has quickly grown to become a staple in the diets of gamers around the world.

The Game Developers Choice Awards will take place on February 20 at the Game Developers Conference, being held in San Francisco from February 18-22. The ceremony honors the developers of the year’s best videogames as well as other key industry and community figures.

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