Zombies Invade Dead Rising 3 Promo In Hilarious Prank Video


Don’t worry, he’s armless.

What would you do if, when playing a horror title in a pitch-black room, zombies attacked? That’s what a select group of UK gamers had to contend with, when the Xbox One team decided to give some Dead Rising 3 players a little more than they bargained for. Cue screams!

Dead Rising 3 is a fun zombie title that puts a ton of the undead on screen for you to chew up, cut up and otherwise dispose of. It may lack some of the charm of the previous titles, but you lot have mangled over 3 billion zombies so far, making Dead Rising 3 one of the more successful launch titles.

Congrats to the publicity team who pulled this stunt off!

Source: Xbox UK YouTube

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