Giants, pirates, ninjas and… zombies? Oh, my.


Atomic Operations just can’t stop with the DLC, not that we’re complaining. Late last month, Fat Princess received the “Fat Roles” expansion pack – which had nearly as much content as the original game – but the developer is already hinting that there’s more to come, this time with a Halloween flavor.

According to Joystiq, “the game’s catalog of in-game tips recently had a message added which reads, ‘I think Zombies are coming soon, run!'” Seeing as how the latest content pack added giant, pirate, and ninja character classes, it doesn’t seem too unreasonable to assume that the next DLC pack will include a similar update.

Also worth noting is the fact that, “a few fans also noticed that the debut trailer for the recently launched Fat Roles DLC features pumpkins in lieu of cakes in a few clips.” Based on these hints, one has to wonder just what else we’ll see with the next set of content, which will presumably be Fall and/or Halloween-themed. I’m secretly hoping for a killer robot character class, how about you?

Source: Joystiq

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