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One of the Wii U’s most unique launch titles may be heading to the Xbox One.

When the Wii U first launched back in 2012, it had a fairly lackluster selection of titles. ZombiU was probably the most interesting of the bunch, making good use of the Wii U’s gamepad in a zombie survival horror title. Ubisoft has made it no secret it isn’t happy with the sales of its games on the Wii U, and now it looks like it’s going to try again with ZombiU… this time on the Xbox One.

An entry in the Australian Classification Board confirms that Ubisoft has submitted an Xbox One title called “Zombi” for classification, which was given an MA 15+ rating. While it does seem quite obvious to assume that “Zombi = ZombiU without the U because it isn’t on Wii U,” there is an original Zombi adventure game – which is actually the very first game published by Ubisoft. It could be we’re getting an Xbox One arcade version of that. Or it could be another entry in the Zombi franchise entirely.

All we know from the classification report is that the game contains “Strong horror violence, blood and gore”.

If it is in fact a port of the Wii U’s ZombiU, it’ll be interesting to see how it works around not having the game pad, which was fairly integral to the original game. It’s possible it will do something with Smart Glass, in the vein of Dead Rising 3.

Source: Nintendo Life

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