Dota 2 Disney Lina 310x

Windranger looks like she’s on loan from the Pixar Brave team.

Igor Artyomenko, known as Haryarti on Deviant Art, has several Disney-inspired illustrations up on his artist page. The subjects? Some of your favorite Dota 2 heroes, transformed into characters worthy of any Walt Disney animated epic.

Crystal Maiden, Lina the Slayer, Traxex the Drow Ranger, and Windranger all got the digital paintbrush treatment. Crystal Maiden is, by DOTA Buff’s estimate, a Tier 2 hero, while the Drow Ranger is Tier 3 (Lina and the Windranger are Tier 5).

My Disney comparisons for Crystal, Lina, Drow, and Windranger? Crystal is straight out of Frozen, I think, while Windranger would be right at home in Brave. Lina and the Drow Ranger are a bit tougher to place, but I could see the latter playing a role in Snow White. (Maybe as The Huntswoman?) Lina almost has a desert quality to her, but you can place her in your Disney flick pick down in the comments.

And to round out the Dota 2 mini-gallery? Igor also has a “speed paint” of Pudge — not quite a princess, but rad nonetheless. And be sure to check out the rest of Igor’s portfolio over on DA.

Source: Igor Artyomenko (DeviantArt)


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