BioWare has let slip another hint about its secret new project and this one leads somewhere that you probably weren’t expecting.

BioWare let it be known a couple of days ago that it had a new, unannounced game in the works that it will reveal to the world next month during the Spike Video Game Awards. To give us all something to do while we wait, the studio also dropped a few hints – extremely vague hints – in the form of an uninformative picture of a close-cropped man with a big gun and a few 2D bar codes, which we have officially dubbed “bridgets,” and which translated into numbers that appeared related to Mass Effect.

Now another bridget has appeared on BioWare’s Facebook page, this one translating into a large binary string which converts into a URL for the British Secret Intelligence Service. They’re the James Bond guys, sometimes known as MI6.

What does it mean? Maybe the new project is an Alpha Protocol-style game about British spies. Maybe BioWare is opening a new studio in the U.K. Maybe British Intelligence is tired of watching the Spectres make a mess of things and they’re getting ready to step in and show them how it’s done.

Or maybe… maybe it’s something else entirely.

It’s time to put our heads together on this, people. We need to think this out. We need options! The obvious choice is obvious – a spy game – but with more than three weeks to go before the big reveal, would BioWare really tip its hand so, well, obviously? The first clue was the atomic mass of iron; the second was the coldest recorded temperature on Earth, taken at Vostok, which is also the name of a system in Mass Effect; but now, we’re pointed at the Secret Intelligence Services. What does it mean? How do these pieces all fit together?

And do you still think it’s Mass Effect 3?


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