GOG will respond to all indie submissions and is offering cash advances for projects in need of a budget boost.

At its launch GOG, or Good Old Games as it was known back then, maintained an exclusive focus on delivering gamers DRM-free versions of retro PC titles. At the beginning of 2012, however, the digital retailer re-branded and began selling newer independent games. Now, in an effort to expand its share in the indie games market, GOG has launched a new portal for developers aimed at making the site’s game submission process easier and more friendly.

The new submissions page also details some of the partnership options GOG will offer indie developers, including an “industry norm-defying” advance on royalties where GOG will give developers money to finish polishing their projects in return a temporary boost to its share of profits following the game’s release. The indie portal also promises a prompt response to all submissions, big or small, and a “dedicated cross-media marketing campaign” for each new release that lands in its online storefront.

Hoping to promote its new indie portal, GOG also released a video of indie developers talking about their positive experiences with the company. Featured in the video are Ken Gao (To The Moon), Calvin French (The Real Texas), Lars Doucet (Defender’s Quest) and Anne and Ville Mönkönnen (Driftmoon). “I’ve had both good and bad experiences but working with GOG.com has definitely been one of the great ones,” said Gao. “They’ve always been very prompt, they’re easy to reach out to, and the community over there is actually fantastic!” He added, “I have nothing but good things to say about them.” The new indie portal is already up and running.

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