BioWare’s space opera will end with less uncertainty on Nintendo’s new console.

By now, most people who played Mass Effect 3 and decried its original head-scratcher of an ending have probably downloaded the Extended Cut DLC. This free downloadable package launched last month without too much bile, meaning that gamers are relatively happy with it – or too exhausted from complaining about the original ending to care anymore. When the seminal sci-fi saga hits Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console, it will appear with the Extended Cut content already on-disc and ready to play.

Where this leaves the original three endings is anyone’s guess, but Michael Gamble, a Mass Effect producer, makes it clear that the revised endings will be a seamless part of the Wii U experience. “The extended ending is basically going to be part of the game,” says Gamble. “You won’t have to download it.” It’s also worth noting that since some of the epilogue scenes in the Extended Cut depend upon players’ choices from the first two games, getting every possible ending configuration may not even be possible.

While the primary lesson of Mass Effect 3‘s ending controversy seems to be “you can’t please everyone,” it says something that BioWare is looking to sidestep the entire issue for this release. PC, 360, and PS3 gamers have the option to see both the original and the extended endings, but Wii U gamers may be left with fewer choices. Given the original endings’ reception, this may not be a bad thing, but rest assured, people are probably going to complain about it either way.

Source: Siliconera


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