Would you become immortal?
53.1% (370)
53.1% (370)
46.2% (322)
46.2% (322)
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Poll: Immortality, with a catch

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mortality makes us alive

God yes. Only for the strong telekinesis. I have no desire to be immortal, but kill one person and gain a body that won't age beyond peak and strong telekinesis until I die, hell yeah. I can find one person I know the world will be better off without.

Heh I think after too long people would start to look like your avatar OP.

Question about it though, would abortion doctors live forever?

Oh come on, dude, you had to take it there? Not cool.

OT: I don't think I would. I'm not a particularly violent person (except in games. I will eff you up), so I don't think I could seriously injure somebody, let alone kill them.

Nah, no need for immortality.
Also I laugh at all the people going "I'd go and kill alllllll the bad people! Or people in prison!" Yes, because life is a completely black and white, good vs evil situation.

It's not an ideal bargain, but honestly I can't see a downside considering what I have planned. I'd take it. I know my first couple of targets too.

I would abseloutely start batmanning shit. Honestly.
If i had those kinds of powers..


I'd kill murderers, child molesters, serial rapists.
It works out great. I have infinite time to get rid of them, and when I die, the world is a much better place because the murderers, child molester and serial rapists are all dead.

And if anyone says "But that makes you just as bad." I can point out that when they're all gone I will die.

you'd never die, there will always be people who would murder and rape for the giggles.

well then the world would always have someone killing them.
the system is perfect.

Easy choice. The occassional loose brick crushing some criminals skull while I can live forever? Piece of piss.

Never say no to immortality. Atleast with it, in this case, you get to decide WHEN you die. Not just randomly die of age. So much stuff to do and experience :D

If I was immortal with this catch?

I would spend my year tracking down rapists/pimps/child molesters/etc. Then kill them. Everyone who counts wins.

You have uniquely been granted the opportunity to become immortal, your body will cease to age beyond its peak physical condition and you will gain strong telekinetic powers.

However, there is a catch. To gain immortality you must first murder a person. Every time you murder someone your immortality will be extended by 1 year. You cannot pay or persuade someone else to commit the murder for you and you cannot set up a trap to kill your victim, you must directly and personally end their life. Killing someone with a terminal illness or who is over 80 does not count.

Would you selfishly rob someone of their life to extend your own and gain power? Converting many potential years of another persons life into a single year of your own? How would you use your power? Would you help the innocent and weak in an attempt to relieve you of your guilt or would you embrace the immorality of your human sacrifices and rule the world as a tyrant? Discuss

In the words of Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force: "Ehhh, I dunno. Sometimes I kinda wanna die, you know?" :P

But seriously, this question essentially can be boiled down to "would you like to be a vampire with telekinetic powers?" Personally I'd take the telekinesis and pass on the immortality, thank you. Granted, if the telekinesis came with the side affect of "should you kill someone you'll live a year longer" I'd likely end up being immortal anyways...fuckin' road rage can REALLY get to me. >:3

First of all what you describe is not immortality. Second of all immortality sucks. Our minds would get screwed up, everyone we care about would die while we live on. Also with the catch added in there's basically only downsides.

First of all what you describe is not immortality. Second of all immortality sucks. Our minds would get screwed up, everyone we care about would die while we live on. Also with the catch added in there's basically only downsides.

With the catch you are basicly The Punisher, go after the bad guys and make them be afraid of you. Eventually you would get tired and maybe you end up wanting to die so you would just stop killing.

The downside is that you would throw your normal life out of the window to become a full time superhero, some people would like it, others not so much.

1 life = 1 year. That's a pretty steep price.

Not even the morality of it, just the sheer effort that would have to go into that.

To live 100 years you'd have to kill 100 people. I suppose you could go all serial killer once a year and just keep moving cities. But it's hardly easy. Even with TK.

Hawk of Battle:
Immortality is a terrible power, why would anyone ever want it under any circumstances? If I could just get the telekinesis on its own then yes.

I don't want true immortality but I'd certainly go for longevity. Which is what this is really.

But you'd also need a mental faculties upgrade to go along with the physical. We'd probably begin to lose all concept of time after about 200 years.

If we measure time relative to how long we've been alive. When we get to about 200, minutes would seem like seconds.

Like I said though. That's an effort. Killing someone for a measly year. Most of us would get found out way to easily.

If it gave you 10 years you'd probably get away with it. No one would be investigating serial murder stretching back 50 years.

so it isn't immortality, i'm just killing people for one extra year? i'd be caught so quickly even with my powers
or i'd just move somewhere with the death penalty and operate the electric chair

I'd try joining the military, try and get into spec ops or something. All the standard infantry ever seems to do is lay down a wall of suppressing fire until the insurgents retreat. After I got my first kill, I'd quit ASAP, and hunt down criminals and evil assholes who deserve to die, using my powers for good. Since you say I'm "immortal", I should be able to survive whatever they throw at me.

In a heartbeat. I'd move to a country where fetuses are considered people from conception and operate some sort of pseudo-abortion clinic for people who can't take birth control, but don't want a child. It would work even better if the lifespan of the individual got added onto yours.

i would kill Criminal's, they deserve it more then anyone else.

go Death note up in this

Exactly my thoughts. I wouldn´t have any problem with it, if your immortal you can even take the jailtime ....
Would be like a nights sleep for you.



Every time you murder someone your immortality will be extended by 1 year.

Well, that's not immortality then, is it? You don't extend immortality. It's just an extended lifespan dependent on some very immoral logistics.

My thoughts exactly when I first read this. It's not immortality, it's just killing one person at a time to increase your lifespan by one year.

It's too easy to say yes to this outright. So one of the things stopping people from committing murder right now is that there's no promise of one more year of life? Is anyone considering that it may actually be pretty hard to kill hardened criminals and gang members? Or how about the moral implications?

No, I would not accept immortality under these conditions.

It's not hard to kill corruption, specially humans, they're all fragile in the end. What moral implications? Killing corrupted people makes you a good guy, it's as simple as that. It's similar to how fantasy works. Does killing a monster make you a monster? No it makes you a hero.

doesn't sound all that great. you'd have to live with all of those deaths

Douglas Dover:

...You know there's this thing called the army, right? Where you get paid to shoot people? Hell, outside of the army you could always just assassinate people with your telekinetic powers

that's what i was thinking you could be the super soldier who single handedly wins the war and makes his life span a thousand years longer

Are you referenceing the [adept]Shepard "control the Reapers" ending? 'Cuz it would amuse me if that were the case. ;-)

OT: Toombs is amused by the current 50-50 split.
Toombs would be unable to accept the cost of this Immortality, and would not accept.

Heh, My yes tied it 48 to 48.

As far as the morality would swing it, I would likely choose to take criminals, but that always brings up questions of innocence. Any thought of guilt wouldn't likely set in to deep until 80 to 150, when it's obvious I'm living on taken time.

Who in their right mind would choose "no"? From what I read, you can just take the power and not use it. If you're ever forced into a situation where you have to kill an asshole; hey, longer life span.

I'd take out murderers and terrorists. There are plenty to go around and would be doing humanity a favor.

Immortality always has a catch. You realized that if you can't die, the probability of you becoming trapped forever rises to 100%. See, being immortal doesn't entail you're super strong, or anything else. It just means that you don't die. If you were trapped beneath a rock at the bottom of the ocean, you'd just be experiencing drowing... forever. And one could go with the argument "Well I'll avoid those situations", but the thing is: this is forever we're talking about, it will happen eventually because even if the probability of that event is low, when a probability is given infinite time, it always happens.

Yes. Be a super hero who kills badguys.

Could I kill serial killers Dexter Morgan style? I'd probably do that for a while. I'd want to die eventually, though.

Morality is overrated and immortality would be awesome; I'm taking this deal as fast as possible. People die all the time, I only live once; if it got boring then I could just stop too.

Hawk of Battle:
Immortality is a terrible power, why would anyone ever want it under any circumstances? If I could just get the telekinesis on its own then yes.

The time slowing down (or speeding up, I forget which) thing would be gone because you're at your peak condition. People dying isn't that big a deal, there are plenty of people to get to know. I can't think of any other ways it would be shit.

Wow, those poll numbers are depressing.

Reaver doesn't seem to have a problem with it.
Neither would I.
Most of the population is trash anyway.


Where do I sign up? Seriously, I'd take this deal in a heartbeat. I see no downside to it. Plenty of scum to kill, you can stop doing it whenever you get too bored and eventually die. No sickness, peak physical condition, the opportunity to see the future, loads of money (hey, invest any sum for a very long time, it's going to stack up)

I'd go the route of a violent Batman. Those criminals didn't need their life anyways.

Easy. I would kill "bad people". As in people society think is bad.
No reprecusions.

Yes, I would.

I thought about the getting caught aspect, but to be honest, if I WAS, I could just shank other inmates until I was ready to escape.

The only real problem with this whole scheme(Ya know, besides that big moral elephant in the room) is that it would only extend to the end of humanity.

After that, it would pretty much be over.

So if I kill just 1 person with locked-in syndrome (Not terminal so it counts, and it definitely qualifies as mercy killing) a year I get super-powers.
I'm gonna say yes.

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