what did you accomplish today ?

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I went outside and replaced the valve cover gasket, changed the oil/filter, and helped partially diagnose a severe brake problem[1] with my dad's truck.

[1] and by severe I mean you need to use the e-brake to stop it

Do laundry
Clean the house for a bit
Answer a bunch of emails since I was away for almost a week
Walk the dog
Install a few progams on my computer

Later I will be playing some Skyrim and possibly something else when I stare at the stack of games that I need to finish long enough.

I took a nap today!

Which is something for me since once I wake up I tend to not fall back asleep until I go back to bed, and even then sleep is hard to come by. And thanks to said nap, my nausea went away.

Ran through the woods shooting at my friends, wrote a chunk of an essay and had a nap. Today has been a good day. Also helped edit a screenplay.

I found a penny, it was awesome

I slept until noon, and was surprised upon awakening to find my girlfriend in my bed. She had apparently shown up that morning and didn't want to wake me. I then proceeded to watch Raising Hope and Community with her for a couple hours, then played in the rain with my dog. I then accomplished an explicit deed and some cuddling. Then she went home and I got on the computer. To sum it all up, I did nothing worthy of particular note.

I reorganised an office and then realised the plan didn't work, so moved it back...

I also decided to defer a decision at work to someone else because I was stressing over it too much, and they know more than me...! (Hate being new) At least I don't have to worry anymore!

Watched The Hunger Games (for a second time).

Moved my dresser into my room.

Will watch another movie later. Maybe.

Is Hunger Games any good? The kids in my school are already make "teams" like they did for Twilight, so I was a little concerned.

I played first trombone in my all-county band concert, bought a pack of Magic cards and pulled a foil mythic rare, and watched the Syracuse game. Not a bad day

yesterday (since I just woke up)

drank an unheathly amount on energy drink

played ME3 multiplayer....payed ME3 single player

tried to watch Mulholland drive but got bored and it was late) will finish tonight...I feel kind of bad about that one

I played a bit of Skyrim today. And Tom and I had some special bonding time. *smirk* *blushes* (We tried something new today)

General Ken8:

Watched The Hunger Games (for a second time).

Moved my dresser into my room.

Will watch another movie later. Maybe.

Is Hunger Games any good? The kids in my school are already make "teams" like they did for Twilight, so I was a little concerned.

Let's just say that I really enjoyed it. I mean, I got to see it for free at a press screening and then went to see the first screening at the local theater.

Met a woman, made her squirt multiple times, said not many guys could make her do that, I felt kinda good.

Finished Old World Blues DLC, dropped my sister off for a field trip...

Nothing much really.

I dried out the car some(we had left the windows down slightly last night and it rained, still is) and played through a large portion of the MW3 campaign. That's about it.

I was gracing the roofs of Renaissance Italy Rome, fighting in tank in the streets of France, bombing a nazi strike force, going head to head against a 200 meter long Reaper on the planet of Rannoch, and slaying a dragon on Mount Anthor. Its only 10:48.

I went to a comic convention, met a power ranger, and Bulk and Skull.

Today, I utterly and completely failed to write or finish one of the four essays I need to pass my Writing class, ignoring the fact that I have to get them turned in, fully typed and printed, by Thursday.

I also watched a bunch of old LRR videos, listened to some James Herriot, and failed to eat two meals. Overall I'd call it a successful day.

Uploaded a video to youtube, finally got around to spamming iron daggers/hide bracers enough to make some daedric things, got promoted in mw3 and found out my one warning here is gone! pretty productive overall.

Recovered from a hangover, did a shift at work and discovered Tribes : Ascend; quite a productive day. Although, I will say I have a day off tomorrow and not a single accomplishment wil be made in an effort counter-act today. :>

Filled out and printed an application for a pool supervisor position at a gym near my house. Tomorrow I should be able to go by it and drop it off. I've also started on an essay for my English class.

Beyond that not much. I mostly played ME3 multiplayer and browsed the internet.

Practiced the ol' Panzer elite grenadiar rush in Company of Heroes.
I played a good amount of Rage.
I went on stumble upon.
Texted acouple friends--only one responded
Looked at memes--mostly Forever Alone
Made my own Forever Alone meme-- "Teacher asks you to write the shortest story about yourself possible... 'For Sale: Unlimited Texting Plan, Never Used.'"
Played somemore Company of Heroes, won a skirmish then lost one online.
Sat on facebook waiting to see who comes.
Went to dinner with my dad, his girlfriend, and her son.
Now I'm writing this.
I'm on spring break this week so this is pretty much the most productive (outside of pinata husbandry in Viva Pinata) I've been all week.

I broke my brother out of the laundry where he'd managed to jam the lock by accident.

Blew up a few space stations, fought off space pirates and finished Season 1 of Dollhouse.

Oh, and I mowed the lawn and knocked down our kitchen wall to find it covered in Ox blood.

Worked 4 hours then came home played ME3 multiplayer, took a nap for 3 hours, then turned on TV whilst on internet aka now. Didn't do much today when I think about it.

Well I woke up.
Fed the cats.
Went back to bed.
Woke up again.
Turned on computer.
Went downstairs, had breakfast + Clean cat dishes.
Watch/Finish Programs on TV.
Came back up to see what is happening on the internet.

And thats how my day for now.

I just need to shower and vacuum my bathroom and then I shall think of something to do!

I worked from 6 A.M. to 1 P.M., then proceeded to do English and math homework for 5 1/2 hours, after which I roamed the internet cause my brain was too tired to want to do anything else.

Good times.

Family gathering, my sister declared that she wants nothing to do with me to the whole table. Now I've shut myself in my room and am blasting black metal loud enough that they should hear it. Win win, I'm not speaking to my sister AND we all get to listen to great music.

Nice day in all.

does getting really pissed off at peoples incompetents count as an achievement?
besides that i started my rewatch of the original Transformers cartoon and re installed all the original Dawn of War games on mt laptop

Spent way too much time doing an essay for history. I'm dropping it next year for sure.

I conducted an extremely helpful interview for an article on mines vs. agriculture in Australia. Just a little hint, the mines are extremely awful to the farms and should be ritually executed.

Woke up (for me its an accomplishment)
Leveled my assassin all the way to 23 in Swtor (mmos are boring without friends :C )
Played some Tribes
Watched stupid youtube videos

Still have yet to convince myself to fall asleep even though I've been up all night. Sigh, I has problems.

I tidied the living room, worked on some music I'm writing and then made pasta.

I wrote a new chapter for my Fan Fiction today, it is up to 10k words

I made 34 kills in one game of halo: reach, an hour of sleep was suddenly taken from me, and omegle helped me discover the meaning of life.

Today? Well, as this Sunday came to a close, I can safely say that I didn't... really... do all that much. >_>

Took our White Shephard for her 40 minute walk. Did 3 hours of weeding. Got a ride from my sister back to Melbourne for Uni (she was headed that way already, otherwise I would've taken the train). Currently, pottering about on the internets. Gonna do a bit of research shortly. After that, sleep.

If you had asked me just last weekend, I could've given a much better answer.
This weekend though? Nope. :S

got my tax-return. over $1000 (woho!)
Found out I'm still a member of a church and that they're taking money based on my income.
Wrote the letter necessary to leave said church and prepared it for sending tomorrow.

Psychic but completely atheistic and non-spiritual, long distance high five!

Anyway I led a crack team on to a human-supremacist space station in order to retrieve vital intel. I also learned how to ask how many sisters you have in Chinese.

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