What's your favorite word?

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Not only does it roll off the tongue, but it is also has the awesome property where it doesn't contain any vowels... and for that, I respect it...

It is also a dancer...

A phrase I use with surprising irregularity is "by proxy" so I guess those two words would be my favorite wordphrase thing.

I've always liked the word, "Mezzanine". According to wiki, it's defined as, "In architecture, a mezzanine or entresol is an intermediate floor between main floors of a building, and therefore typically not counted among the overall floors of a building." That's more or less where I first saw it too. I was in a building that had an elevator with 1, M, 2, 3, etc. I was like.. M?! Next to this on the wall was the word Mezzanine along with a defination. :)

I'm not sure I have a favorite word, but some that have a special place in my heart and that I love the sound of are.

Fuck - Rainbow - Random - Pretty - Beautiful - Love - Lush - Lust - Vanity - Cunt - Rosemary - Ice - CellarDoor - Faith - Angel - Devil - Deus Ex Machina - Innocence - Romantic - Irish - Iris - Paris - French - Whisky - Blonde - Fantasy - Dream - Feline - Horowitz - Lucifer - Imagination - Freedom - Nature - Water - Rosť - Anime - Peace - Soothing - Midnight - Ebony & Ivory - Ying & Yang - Luna - Ryder - Girl - Fashion - Caesar - Cold - Soul - Insomnia - Somber -

Those are just to name a few that I really like. :)

i love the word dagnabbit

My favourite word is "obscene". I often use it to exaggerate things (An obscene amount of money, for example). It's fun to say.


I just... love that word.

Constantinople, it's just a really awesome word.

Anatidaephobia - The fear that you are being watched by a duck
Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia - The fear of long words
Aibophobia - The fear of palindromes

Using thus in a sentence makes me feel like a badass.

either "fuck" or "indubitably"


Yep, I was always accustomed to saying the word 'dude,' but ever since I played my first Disgaea game, I now go with dood, dood.

I'm saying dood while everyone assumes that I am saying dude, dood.

Awesome, dood.

Ah my favorite word would either have to be "Mahogany" or "Snazzy" but I'm kinda leaning toward mahogany.

I hope you enjoy.

Labyrinth. I just like the way it sounds.
I also like the words charlatan, discord (not because of MLP), and tickle.


Also I love saying "Leviathan", it sounds awesome whenever you say it.

Forgot to mention Koyaanisqatsi. Another word I really like.

This too. Love that word ever since I was made aware of that film. Basically any word that's long and kind of unusual, I love.

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