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28, still no car. No license. No desire to get one.

I bought my first car when I was 15. That old '57 Willys CJ5 wasn't the best looking thing around, with a yellow tub and white steel hardtop. Didn't have much rust though. Was a very reliable runner, albeit with a top speed of around 50 MPH. Ever since, I've had at least one Jeep around.


I was sixteen. Couldn't yet drive, but the car was available and cheap. I bought a Chrysler/Plymouth Valiant/Scamp. I never could figure out why it was combined (the model) as they created both a Valiant and a Scamp. On one quarter panel was the word "valiant" (written in script, if I remember correctly) and the other one had Scamp. Even the manual combined the two, so I guess it was legit. It cost me $300.00. I broke even when I sold it for $300.00. Sad thing, the kid that bought it, blew the engine out about a month later. The old slant six. Those things (when properly cared for) could live forever.

Loved that car.

Hey, my capcha is uncharted island. A hint at what is to come?

When I was 17, I talked my mom into experiencing midlife crisis so she could have a reason to buy herself a fancy convertible. That way, I was given her old car as a hand-me-down, even if it meant sharing the car with my twin. Worked out pretty well, I must say.

According to the papers, I bought my truck at 17 for $10 dollars off of my grandfather.

In reality, it was my mom's truck when I ended up with when I went to live with my grandparents cause they had 3 trucks and 2 drivers.


My parents bought me an 90's Vauxhall Corsa for my 17th. It'll be a while before I buy one myself.

Bought your first car? I'm 23, got a car today. I feel that I'm quite late to the party. So revheads, how old were you?

I see my fellow inferno badged escapists are creating threads about the flaming that goes on in off-topic. So as they're handling the responsible poster side of things, let's let loose in here! (within the admittedly limiting parameters of the question)

I was given a car at 16 (a ten year old car, but still a car) I am now 24 and still have it, so I have never bought a car

I don't remember how old I was. Between 20 and 22. I'm 24 now so that says how shit my memory is.

Nissan Sunny. Wonderful handling, bit slow on the acceleration but not too bad, easily holds top speed and is pretty safe.

My next car will blow it out of the water but I'll still keep it.

17, soon as I was old enough to drive I did. Luckily had a job etc.

I'm 24 and still don't own a car. I have a driving license, but public transport in London is so good (and the roads so clogged) that it makes more sense to take buses and trains everywhere.

Bought my first car when I was 18 in 2005, was a 1990 honda accord.
Drove it till it died four years later, then bought a 2002 acura 1.7 el. It still looks brand new except for one rust spot on the hood, engine still works perfectly as far as my mechanic tells me.
But if I still lived downtown I wouldn't have bothered buying the acura.

I got my first car last year, at 21.

It was a beautiful Daewoo Matiz (2000 SE) in a weird orangey-gold colour.

Sadly, I'm in the process of selling it as I'm going to University next year and it's not exactly practical for me to be maintaining, insuring and taxing a car that probably won't get much use.

If you're at college, having a car will make you superman/woman.

i was 20... lol i still am 20... ive only had it 4-5ish months...

98 Mitsubishi Elcplise, Spyder, its a beauty of a first.... *_*

Let's see, that would've had to have been in '04 so I think I must have been 22.

At 18 I bought a 1992 Ford Taurus. So it was 11 years old when I got it. That car got smashed into, had a tree fall on it and was stickered to hell and back. The transmission finally went...I still miss my beater car.

22 now, only just filling in a form for a lisence, may need a full time job to own a car XD

21, bought an '88 VW Golf 1.3 a couple of years ago, with 260k km on the clock, and really I've only ever had a few minor electrical problems. A bit of poke is something it doesn't have, but it handles good and it's light, so the 50 or so hp is sufficent, provided I'm not going up a too steep hill.

Also, why do people feel compelled to reply to threads such as this saying "oh I've never had a car, I hate driving, I like to hug trees and commune with nature."? I find it obtuse.

I think I was 20 or 21, couldn't afford the lessons or the car before that.

I'm 20, still on a permit and no car. Not for lack of trying mind you. No one I know is ballsy enough to let me practice with their car and I can't afford lessons. Maybe I could if I had a job, which would be a lot easier to find if I had a car. Yea, vicious cycle.

30 in a couple of weeks. Still dont own my own car.

I'm 21 and I don't have a car and probably never will.

I do plan on buying a motorcycle however, hopefully in 2013.

I started learning when i was 17 (UK here, so the minimum age is 17) and it took 3 months to pass, when i passed i got my first car, a '99 1.1 Peugeot 106 (Silver). Unforunatly that got written off by some nurse going into the back of me, after that my car history went like this;

'99 1.1 Peugeot 106 (Dark Metallic Blue)
'00 1.4 Renault Clio Sporting (Dark Metallic Blue)
'01 1.4 Peugeot 206 LX(Light Metallic Blue)

If it weren't for outragous UK insurance for young males, and the fact i'm doing 60miles a day i'd probably have the 2L 206 GTi180, but until one of either drops i'm going to have to stay put with the 1.4 =(.

*EDIT* Now looking into getting a 2L HDi 206 or 2L HDi 307

24, I'll let you know when it happens. Don't have a license either.

22 here and same situation. I always hear having a car is great but right now I just don't need one. I also don't have time to study for the test and no room to put a car. And finally, gas prices scare the living **** out of me.

18. When i got my license. I still have it. The car is older than me :)

my first car was the '72 Plymouth Roadrunner which I still own... bought it for dirt cheap when I was 15 before I even had my license and spent the next 2 years restoring it.... but god damn was it worth it to to be 17 and driving around in that thing


24, I'll let you know when it happens. Don't have a license either.

22 here and same situation. I always hear having a car is great but right now I just don't need one. I also don't have time to study for the test and no room to put a car. And finally, gas prices scare the living **** out of me.

And don't forget about that insurance business...

Personally, I've just never had much interest in it. I'm definitely not a "car guy" and have no interest in the things other than their ability to get my from point A to point B, and so far I've managed to do that just fine without.

Still, there are times when having one would be useful, but at most I only really have an interest in getting my license for the sake of having the option to rent a car for a day or two if the need arises.

The year was 1991. I was the tender age of 16. The first car was a 1986 Nissan Pulsar. It was sorta crappy but it got me to where I wanted to go. Hell, I had a huge CB antenna on the trunk of it so it looked like a giant remote controlled car. Hehehehehe.....if I hit the brakes too hard the antenna would actually fly forward and whip the hood of the car.

Got my first car at 17. It was a 1978 Mustang hatchback with t-tops. The previous owner had taken the engine out and put in a big 408 Cobra engine :) The car IDLED at 35 mph! Unfortunately some jackass ran a stop sign and totalled it when I was 23 :(

My parents signed the old family care over to me as a graduation gift when I finished college. Its a piece of shit and they know it :P

I've been saving up since I started my internship and as soon as I have a secure job I am going to sell this hunk of junk and buy myself a new car :D

So, I guess my first car will be purchased at some point between now (22 years old) and next year!

Screamarie: I'm serious....there's a long story that goes into it, but I had money that was mine, that was put away for college. I didn't raise it, but by law it was legally my money and it was in a bank account with my name on it.

Anyways, my sister had a car, she ended up not keeping up with the payments, my parents took it back from her, tried to sell it to a family friend, that ended badly, we got it back, so my parents gave it to me and took money from my college fund to pay it off fully.

It took a whole 5 years before I actually got to drive it. Yup, that's right, I didn't get my DL till I was 18.

What about college, may I ask?

I was 19. It was a Fiat Seicento in baby blue. Horrible little creature. Had it for two years and now I've got a 2004 Peugeot 206 which I've had for a year and still love like a child compared to my first car.

I don't have a car. However, I did get a motorbike for my 19th birthday.

1996 I was 16.

It was a Reliant Robin. I hated roundabouts in that thing.

Surprised the bugger never tipped over.

Is that like the Only Fools and Horses thing?

21, 22 next month still have never sat behind the wheel of a moving car in my life. Since I moved to the city I've no intention of learning to drive or getting a car any time soon. It's easier, cheaper and better for the environment to just cycle or walk. Course, if I ever start a family or get start working a job that I need a car for or at least to get to then I will. Until then there's no benefit to it. Between the tram and buses if I need to go far I can without having to pay for parking or petrol.

Im 30 I dont have a car never have I dont trust my clumsy self to try and drive anything potentially lethal.

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