Is Joker Insane Or Not?

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I'd say he bounces in between insanity and lucidity, and it's impossible to tell which state he's currently in at the moment.

He's insane, I can't stand insane people, therefore I very much enjoyed the ending of Arkham City.

I hate the whole high horse that heroes have, they know that villain x will escape from wherever and WILL kill more people. Yet they just won't kill the villain because...??? I therefore think most heroes are more evil than their villain counterparts.

Zack Alklazaris:
I think he's a sociopath more than a psychopath. A psychopath kills for pleasure for the fun of it. The joker seems more controlled than that. He wants to create chaos, panic, and drag people down to his level. That requires intelligent reasoning, which is something a psychopath wouldn't be able to hold on to. They would become overpowered by their impulses.

Obviously neither is as simple as that but the Joker is definitely a psychopath. That's all I think he his in terms of sane or insane. It's not as if he isn't in complete control of his actions or has some impulse that he has to satiate, he just does it because any other lifestyle would be a dull existence to him due to the way he's wired.

It depends on your definition of "insane", but I'd say both Batman and the Joker are psychologically warped. It's understandable considering Batman's background, but the Joker doesn't seem to have a universal origin story.

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