Poll: Are you unsociable if you don't have Facebook?

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Facebook is stupidly useful for arranging stuff and keeping in contact with people you don't see much but other than that it is not essential.

I would advise you not to get it though unless you want to die from stupidity from peoples posts.

I do have facebook. I use it about twice a month to stay in touch with contacts on the other end of the world. I use it like I use, say, ICQ.

I'd never plaster my whole life online and share it with people that might or might not be my best buddies... and advertisers... and facebook folks... and everyone else. It's just not very sensible.

Besides, most folks that got into heavy using of facebook pretty much turned into social zombies like the folks that got into the WOW habit a few years back. Average people are posting very, very inappropriate stuff on facebook, because they still don't get what it is really all about. Facebook was never 'free', it's always been a quid pro quo type of deal. Do you really want that newspaper to have what equates to your own personal contact list? Do you really want that random bunch of anonymous strangers to get a list of all your subscriptions, likes and affiliations? Facebook was never, is not and will never be your friendly hangout.

A Smooth Criminal:

I would say Facebook actually can degrade the social experience. Because we get so transfixed by it, we often forget we are in social situations because we feel we need to check our social network.

Facebook is one "spice" of the dinner plate of social life; certainly an enhancer if used right. But many have turned it into the main meal, which isn't right.

I'd raise an eyebrow at someone quicker if they didn't use Facebook for "privacy" reasons than I would simply for not wanting the hassle or simply not feeling the need to do it.

I'm unsociable and I have facebook

so....BAM disproved

its useful I supose if you have a social life in the first place..but I'm sure some manage without it

also people most meaningless mundane crap on FB because they build an identity, they wan't people to know who they are, what they like...

but I never post anything on Fb because I figure "well no one cares" *sigh*

This. I was specifically reluctant to make a facebook account simply because I do not want past friends searching me out. I'm not interested in what they've been doing and have no interest in telling them where I've been. I only recently made a facebook account for my WoW guild and it has no information on it beyond an e-mail and a pic of my 90 worgen. I am one of those rare people who does not treasure past relationships, enjoys the freedom of anonymity, and would gladly go into protective custody if it meant a new identity and a new start.

Would it help with a social life? Maybe. If I had one though, I'd much rather keep in touch with others over the phone, or you know, go out to see them than just updating my FB page every 5 minutes.

simply put, no.

In more advanced terms with a bit of opinionated reasoning, "No, being social means interacting with people, facebook isn't even that, facebook is just a means of letting people know about what's happening, and sometimes chatting a little bit, it's a means for connections to stay intact more than a truly social medium, it's information sharing more than social, if your friend told you that never leaving your house, and staying alone forever and never talking to another person, is a way to be anti-social, there's a valdi argument, but hell you're on here, and in my personal experience the escapist is a much more social place than facebook."

Ryan seacrest told some woman who called in to dump her boyfriend because he didn't have a facebook. According to seacreast "its like he has something to hide." Sadly, she agreed with him.

well considering I can talk to my friends via Phone, Skype, PSN, XBL and E-mail I have no need for Facebook. I can already do everything it offers and I don't get friend requests from friends of friends of acquaintances of friends of cousins and there is less peadophilia...

I had Facebook for a short time, updated it twice over 2 weeks and then deleted my account and changed E-Mail...

Most of the people I know who use Facebook don't use it to socialise anyway. They use it to silently stalk people they know. They will visit their pages, look at the posts and pictures, but not actually talk to them.

It was like it when I used it, and doesn't seem to have changed much.

"But we're on the phone... now... talking..."

"It'll be easier!!

Oh my God. That is some of the most annoying shit ever.

Also, I really hate when people call me up and are all "did you see my Facebook post?"

...why don't you just tell me what it is you want to talk about.

While Facebook is certainly useful to keep in touch and organize/participate in social events it's not a requirement for having a social life. I use it on occasions to chat with people, keep track of what my favourite bands are currently up to, keep track of birthdays and I get invitations to parties.

Things wouldn't be a whole lot different without it and the people I'd probably have almost as much contact with the people I talk to the most without it. Now I own an iPad so I get notifications whenever I receive an invitation or a chat message so I don't really have a need to check my Facebook. I guess I check it maybe once a day, but probably less on average because I'm bored.

This really reminds me of that silly Toyota commercial where some teenage girl is talking about how she's worried about her parents not being able to connect with people since they never use their facebook account... while her parents are out camping/boating/et cetera with a group of younger people.

Seriously, facebook hinders social interaction more often than not.
Still relevant four years later (mostly just the preface about human interaction in this case):

I don't have a FB account and whils t I may get one soon due to close friends moving overseas, it doesn't make you any less social.

One could argue it makes you more social, as I tend to ring people up to arrange stuff and go out and do it. Doing more then just sit on the site chatting to people like a lot of people I know who do use it.

I know FB has made some people lazy, for example, forgetting to invite close friends to something because you couldn't invite them on FB etc.


Thanks for that video, it made a good point.

Well I have a Facebook and I'm anti-social. So nyeh!

Though I would like to clarify that by "have a Facebook", I mean there's an account out there has my name attached to it and I know the login details.
And that's the entire extend of my Facebook usage.

A Smooth Criminal:

No, facebook is dumb and if my wife would allow it, most days I would just delete it.

I have burned so many bridges because of facebook. Gotten into so many arguments. Lost friends over whats said on face book. Maybe even lost employment opportunities over facebook.

Nothing you say on there is safe. Your political feelings, your personal opinions. all for anyone to see at any time. This election cycle taught me a lot, and the first and foremost is avoid most political things.

Alas a lot of damage as been done, especially for some one like me, I can get fiery passionate about something, and can become quiet loud about it. I'm not one to back down easily too, even when I should, or the other person isn't even trying to argue.

Facebook is dumb, and you are all the smarter for completely avoiding it. It has a bad habit of ruining more relationships then it fosters. Thats a personal experience.

No, I dont have a facebook.

I have to just rely on my parents, my large group of friends I see on a daily basis, everyone else at my school, my colleauges at work, relatives, and friends from the town I moved from.

I must be antisocial -__-

Real people use Google+.


Actually, I don't care one whit about Facebook. The only things it does for me are tell me when everyone's birthdays are (I suck at remembering), whether someone is in a relationship (good for me if I'm thinking of asking them out), and give me people's cell phone numbers (good when I don't have my phone but someone else has a smartphone on them).

I'm unsociable for many reasons. Not using facebook is not one of them.

No, and your friend is silly. I prefer ringing up my friends with a phone call[1] than use it.

[1] Or text, as my friends have this bad habit of not answering calls but answering texts; I mean all the time, not just certain times, ALL the time.

Not really. All facebook does for me is allow me to talk to my few friends easier sometimes. Hell facebook has actually made me hate most of the people I know on it. So if anything it has made me less social.

Not only is it not essential, I'd even call it unnecessary. The number of people that rely on it makes me sad.


Facebook might be useful for connecting with folks you otherwise would not, for sharing pictures and snippets of life. But real friends will hear your news from you in person. They'll phone you to ask what you're up to and they'll be in the bloody photos you're sharing.

There's no question that it can help some people connect, meet and with the chat/messaging, communicate with many one wouldn't otherwise. But it's not essential, and as others have also said, I'm among those giving serious thought to "Facebook Suicide". The constant likes, pokes, "OMG you're gorgeous" comments any time a girl posts a photo (usually self-shot with her phone, in the mirror, with or without "duckface"). And at my age, many posting uninteresting status updates about their kids, the football score, how much they had to drink, hated work or were looking forward to a cozy night in.

Everyone who says you NEED a facebook account needs to have their internet access stripped from them for a month. *I was debating saying they needed to be drawn and quartered, but that is a bit harsh*

And I hate people who say it's a necessity because it's god damn annoying. I don't have one . . . I don't even have a phone. And GUESS what? I'm not some anti-social shut in who is out of contact with the world.

I also don't think having 200 "friends" who you never talk too, and probably don't even know, is good social life.

"Tom is thinking of buying a shirt!"
Come on Tom, who cares.
Facebook may be good way to store phone numbers/birthdays/whatever, but when it comes to actual socializing, it's pretty pointless. Reading a block of text with a picture attached isn't socializing. I have a small but close group of friends and an amazing girlfriend, and I didn't need Facebook for any of it.
I don't have a problem with people using Facebook, but people who insist that it's a requirement for a social life baffle me. Social lives existed before the internet.

I like to think of myself as sociable. If you were to come up to me in the street I'd happily talk to you. If we were in a pub, I'd even shout you a drink. However I really don't give a shit about what a friend of a friend of a friend had for breakfast and what ten other randoms thought about that.
I'm not on Facebook because all the people I care about know where to find me if they need me and I'm not interested in being a "friend collector".

Captcha: "Mends Fences" - Just what are you trying to tell me Captcha?

I think the difference is clear to most, and we're evenly split. It's the definition of sociable that needs to be addressed.

If I want to be sociable, I want to be outside with my friends, over my friend's house, outside doing something and laughing at us being stupid.

Sitting on the web and reading about what people are doing is not sociable to me. Doing this, what we're doing right now just even talking about it isn't sociable. We are exchanging ideas, but we aren't even directly engaging each other. One person might quote another, but we aren't even having a discussion. There's a facebook chat feature, and I would even go so far as to say that in itself is sociable. but if you just put up blurbs about your life on a wall and have people read that... It's bragging.

A Smooth Criminal:
I entered an argument with my friend, who believes that Facebook is essential for a good social life. He thinks that if you don't have Facebook, you're considered antisocial. His opinion is backed up by those of my relatives and other friends as well.

I personally do not have a Facebook because I hate every aspect of it, and I don't think that it's required for a good social life.

So, what's the opinion of my fellow escapists?

It kinda breaks down when you reach people like me who have a Facebook account but only created it to apply for a competition and have promptly ignored it ever since.

Here's a real life situation that happened to me. The girl I'm having the conversation with will be in Bold

"Hey, Girl, I haven't talked to you for a while! How have you been?!"

"Oh, the same. Are you on face book? I keep pretty up to date with it."

"Well, yeah, I made a page a few years back, but that was just because of a wedding I was apart of. I don't use it."

"Do so! It's the best way to keep in contact! You can find out all about what's going in my life! If you go there now, we can be all caught up!"

"But we're on the phone... now... talking..."

"It'll be easier!!

I've literally kept track of how many times I had this variant of this conversation. 12 times. 12 fucking times. I could run into someone at a party, wedding, or whatever and I suggest we keep in contact. To me, that means phone or email or instant messenger. Where I'm actually interacting with a person on a one on one basis. I don't know why keeping an online diary for people to read is somehow more social... it seems a little conceited.

Maybe they don't want to look at your ugly face? xD

That or they're one of those people who prefer to talk online so they have to act like they're paying attention to what you're saying.

So people half a decade ago didn't have social lives? The stupidity of such an idea is astounding to me. Facebook hasn't even been popular for close to a decade, and personal computing has only been around for maybe two decades. Acting like it's key for a social life is just moronic and lacks any hindsight.

EDIT: Also, I'd like to add that I do have a Facebook and use it a lot. It plays a role in my social life, and I wouldn't like to lose it, but I could certainly continue my healthy social life without it.

Well, I think it's true that if you don't have Facebook you are considered antisocial. considered, mind you. I don't think you're actually antisocial for not having Facebook.

The poll results are flicking me off.

Anyway, I don't use Facebook, never have, and I'm insanely unsociable. One of the reasons I don't join Facebook is I don't really have anybody I'd friend so it would be pretty sad and pointless.

Plus it just seems like a huge pointless timesink.

No, because Facebook is not a part of society itself. Also, it's entirely pointless and I hate it.

Having facebook seems to be pretty much required if you want to keep in touch with people but... I can't get myself to use it. I check by it every damn day, but that main page thing makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Some times it shows something someone just posted, then it switches to showing pictuers someone liked 2 weeks ago, then some comment I made myself even further in the past, suddenly a new picture someone liked, my friends are tagged in some random person I don't knows photo album and... It seems extremely messy to me! So even though I look at it pretty much every day to see whats up, I never post. I barely even have a profile picture, and I don't use my real name because I don't want random people from my past that I don't actually know to contact me and "be friends". I don't want a bunch of friends that never actually talk to me, know nothing about me they couldn't learn over facebook, never make any effort to get to know me or let me know then beyond whats on THEIR facebook page... It's not interesting!

I DO think you kinda "need" it in certain groups though. I've completely lost touch with a lot of my "friends" becuase sending a text is too much trouble whenever they want to hang out. I still have a few friends left, the ones that like me well enough to bother getting in touch by means other than facebook. Once MSN goes down (as it will, aparently) I guess I'll have no choise but to learn to like it. I've always used MSN, it's what I've felt comfortable with for all of my online years. It sucked when friend after friend stopped logging onto it, and now that it's death is just around the corner I realize it is only me and 4 other people left on the entire damn network. Maybe it's time after all. Time to conform to facebook, and return to social life as it seems it is intended to be.

I'd rather people just drop me a damn text on my phone that I always carry if they want anything... We're Norwegians, we can damn well afford it!

For some reason I feel compelled to defend facebook. It is something of a pointless timesink, but we're 'gamers'- supposedly - so glass houses and all that. Anyway, the main draw of facebook is that it's so convenient. It is the most useful social tool besides actually going out and meeting people.

Where I'm actually interacting with a person on a one on one basis.

Well you can do that easily. It has a built in messenger function, with an advantage over msn and the like in that you don't have to pester anyone for an email address, you literally just need to know their name and perhaps another couple of bits of information so you can pick them out from any others with the same name that turn up in the search bar.

Also the fact that you just need a name means you can easily get back into contact with old friends that you wouldn't necessarily have a working number for anymore.

+ There's the sheer simplicity of organising events, promoting your own projects... potentially even just meeting people with similar interests.

Also anyone who's told you that it's an online diary has badly misrepresented it. If your updates are always just what you did in the day, then you're doing it wrong. People mainly use that particular function to share interesting tidbits... youtube videos, factoids, links. There's the odd idiot post saying something like 'eating pizza xD' but those are entirely easy to ignore.

Idk, I find facebook to be an invaluable tool for keeping my social life in order. It has all the most useful aspects of chatroom, message board and calendar rolled into one.
There's a reason most people have it, funnily enough.


A Smooth Criminal:

No, facebook is dumb and if my wife would allow it, most days I would just delete it.

I have burned so many bridges because of facebook. Gotten into so many arguments. Lost friends over whats said on face book. Maybe even lost employment opportunities over facebook.

I Hate to say it, but that isn't facebook being dumb, that's you. You're blaming the tool for what you do with it.
Feel free to point a gun at your foot and pull the trigger, but don't blame the weapon for it afterwards...

Playful Pony:

There's an algorithm that tries to determine what you'll find most relevant. So its more likely to show stuff posted by people you pay lots of attention to, that kind of thing. It isn't in date order.

Actually, look at it on the other side... You can have a facebook and STILL be anti social. So the point is moot.

I mean just look at who has had facebook accounts, and how many have say under 10 friends.

Its my understanding even the likes of Anders Brevik and Jared Loughner had facebook accounts. That kinda kills the argument.

Eh, no. It's really not a big deal. I haven't had an account for about four years now (I did use it a lot when it was just for college students, and a little bit after it opened up to everyone else). No one makes a big deal about it.

It's an optional thing. I don't use it because of privacy issues and because I do think it could get to the point where it is relied on too much (beyond friendship, but with work, school, and whatnot). Those employers who required employees/applicants to share their account password was a taste of what I mean, though I that was seriously cracked down on. But that sort of thing could come back worse than before, and I'd rather not be on FB when the day comes. Plus, I don't need it. I can, you know...make calls.

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