The house of your dreams

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I'd want to have a house in the country (I naturally have a driver's license in this imaginary scenario), with a small tower to have my home office in, with window seats and a view over the garden (and a lake would be awesome); a library - again, window seats; a glassed-in orangery where I can sit and listen to and watch the rain.

Three bedrooms, and a small guest house outside. A basement with a automatic catdoor connected to it so that my cats can have a lair down there and come and go as they please.

Open plan kitchen and living room area. High ceilings!

Solar panels and other green living solutions would be great.

An indoor swimming pool - not too big - would also be awesome, but seems a bit wasteful what with there being a lake right there. True, the lake would be iced over and freezing for 6 months a year but still.

I could go on! *daydreams*

I'd probably go for a nice penthouse or something like that. Or perhaps do what a guy living near my Nan did which is buy the houses that were on either side of his, knock down the walls and connect the three of them.

....He had lots of drug money.

I'd really want just a small apartment space; I really don't want that much room

But if I had to pick somewhere flashy and grandeur...


The palace of Versailles is always a nice place to start

this house after it has been repaired since it is a bit run down

Can't say I do. Like seriously, not sure.

Just has to be the right size for me.

At first, I used to say I wanted a small house as it makes it easier to be aware of your surroundings. You're more likely to hear someone breaking in, I thought. But then again... if someone does get in the house, it's gonna be very hard to run without being spotted and there will be few places to hide.

Conversely, the big house may make it tougher to hear something moving in your home that shouldn't be there. But you have more places to hide and more moving room to sneak out.

Other than that... I really haven't given much thought to what I'd want in a home.

I'd build Castle Doom in Eastern Europe somewhere and make my own micro-nation! :D

Aurora Firestorm:
For a setting, I want something like that Falling Water house.


You two took the first two thoughts right out of my brain.

"Hell, I'd just buy Falling Water..."

"No wait, build Castlevania or Castle Doom!"

Ix Rebound:


Ix Rebound:
it would basically be tony starks house (the one in the first movie) and i would put a photo up but i have no idea how to XD
but it would be here in Australia, not in Miami

It's in california.....

It even says it in the first movie.

was it?
i must be remembering it wrong then

Trust me, Florida is flat. There's no seaside elevation or notable elevation of any kind to build awesome stuff on in Florida.

You, like I always do, are confusing Malibu with Miami.

Somewhere near but not very close to civilization (so I can go to GameStop and get my video games). There would be space for bookshelves so I can keep my books somewhere and plenty of display cases for my video game collectibles - you know, the statues and stuff that come with LCE.

It would also be zombie proof like so:

Well I'd like to live on a giant zeppelin but that would be inefficient.

I'd like to live on a tropical Island but I'm afraid of tigers and malaria.

I'd like to live underground but think of the internet reception.

I'd like to live in Space but I don't want to eat paste.

So the only logical conclusion is... Rapture! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Or... Y'know... That... That's fine too.

Something that looks like a normal house, but is made mostly out of stainless steel and with 150 yards of adjacent land for additional buildings and long range target practice (maybe even some hunting land). All surrounded with heavy fencing with 3 gates.

I'll join OP and go for a nice old Swiss/German Fachwerkhaus.

Probably some kind of big stone house out in the countryside. Of course, I'd probably want a companion there to keep me company ina big house like that...

Has a tower, with a fireplace at the top. Some where else in it, a deep warm pool with speakers underwater.

I have a few houses I love, but if i had a choice, i'd have my grandmother's old house reconstructed here on the west coast..maybe it's the feeling and memories but i have always LOVED that house.

Ever since I read The Hobbit as a kid, I've wanted a 'hobbit hole'.

It would be a tough choice between a converted lighthouse, a converted beached ship or an Indonesian traditional house (like this):

Because I am classy as fuck.
You can't beat a London Townhouse.
Having a whole one (or two) for myself and my family would be awesome.

Though it would be amazing to live here.

That second one seems familiar. Is it the one from Spaced?


Because I am classy as fuck.
You can't beat a London Townhouse.
Having a whole one (or two) for myself and my family would be awesome.

Though it would be amazing to live here.

That second one seems familiar. Is it the one from Spaced?

It is indeed. It's purely for that reason that it would be extra awesome.

Greco-colonial style, must have a window seat somewhere, eight bedroom

-Window over sink
-eight piece stove
-massive oven
-lots of counter space
-breakfast nook
-Must be red and black

Playroom for when I have kids...and for myself
A room for collections of mine (Barbie, Comics, etc)
Entertainment/living room
Sun room
A large pool
Two car garage
A shed on the lot

I just want something comfortable

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