'Red Wave' Dust Storm Hits Australia

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It think the reasons Australians get along with Finns so well is the fact we both know what nature can do, how to protect it and could give less.

I've found Finns and Aussies get on well because they can get absolutely shattered together without it turning into a dickwaving contest over various nationalist bullshit as long as both groups accept the other can suck piss (drink alcohol) like fiends. Some of my fondest lack-of-memories have been long nights out on the turps with Finns (because, like me, most Finns I've met treat drinking as a marathon rather than a sprint).

This reminds me that I need to call my Aussie mate again and ask did she get sand in her vag yet.


You do know, right, that the most common cause of 'sand in the vag' is from rooting on the beach?

You did read the bit in which I stated it is HER joke. I don't do jokes like that.

Yeah it might be the alcohol... But... I don't do the "drinking marathon for 72 hours then Monday hangover at work." thing... I don't drink at all, but still... I say the respect and understanding the nature as a bonding because I don't want to believe people can make friendships based only on alcohol - I don't want to face the fact that people are so... stupid/lame/sad.

I don't want to face the fact that people are so... stupid/lame/sad.

Embrace thre sadness


that dust storm killed my ps3.


the ones with mana bars are even worse, you need to learn basic sorcery to handle them.

I don't care what any Australian says about how "safe" their country is, I'm not going to believe them. Ever.

I'm just going to stay here in Vermont, where all I have to worry about is a bunch of snow and the occasional ice storm.

ah, the dust storms are fine as long as you don't have respiratory problems like asthma. We used to get them a fair bit in the town i was born in


Oh come ON now, that's gotta be shopped!

nah, looks about right to me, they tend to hit quick and then vanish like a fart in the wind

according to the fire service, Kempseys bushfires are all still out of control


This is a list of all the fires happening at the moment in Australia that have come under the perview of the Rural Fire Service


OT: I'm hoping to move to Australia later in life once I'm a qualified nurse: Australia is giving priority to immigrants who specialise in keeping people alive.

Word of advice - specialise in something before applying, preferably a graduate cert or dip in something because a Bachelors of Nursing degree by itself isn't gonna get you a job in a reasonable timeframe. If I remember correctly (and I may not after a few bourbons), Critical Care, Emergency Care and Aged care are the big 3 for finding work. General ward nurses are so common we export them.

Of course, you'd have an easier time emigrating if you were a qualified plumber (bit of a short fall of tradies here except for for mechanics).

If you want more info, PM me and I'll see what current info I can shake from people I know in the field.

Well, thank you very much indeed that's a rather lovely offer for you. That said, I was hoping to move to Australia after specialising in Emergency/Critical Care anyway so I should be okay in that sense. Unless Australia has a massive influx of Critical/Emergency Care nurses in the next few years, then I'm going to have to start the murders all over again.

Eh seen those in Arizona they are called haboobs really sucks to be out in one/driving in one but otherwise they are harmless.

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