Poll: How tall is the Escapist?

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6ft'4 Powerhouse baby!!

Exactly 2m. I've always been rather tall. In fact, as far as I know, I'm the tallest in my entire family.


So sad. I know that's usually acceptable and 'cute' when a girl is that short. Makes it super hard to be taken seriously when you're a trans-male. >.<

5'6. 20 in a month.
Meh. I guess I'll just drink myself to death.

5'5"- 20 yrs old

Haven't grown since my freshman year in high school....

Last time I checked, around 184cm. So, just over 6 archaic backwards measuring units.

Been a while since I last checked, but I'm about 6'3".

182.2 centimetres, at the age of 21. Mostly I just say I'm 6 foot. I'm less than a centimetre from it anyway.

177½, kinda average, still smaller than I hoped to be when I grow up.

We're being overrun by tall people.
I'd check centimeters, but that would mean I'd have to get up from my chair.

Good on you for not using metric! Haha and I stand at a proud 6'5"

150 cm. Or around 5 foot. And I'm the tallest of all the women in my family!

But it's never bothered me. Neither does being asked my height in imperial, not metric. Seriously, it's not that difficult to look up the conversions on Google.

Just over 6"2 here. I find it weird that over 6"2 is the most popular choice on the poll though. I'm taller than most people I meet.

6'9"(2.05m). Who needs a PC Master Race when you can all hail my obvious genetic superiority? Or, at least, I will be considered superior once they start raising the standard doorway height.

179cm. I don't know how much that is in foot.

6 foot 3, tallest in my family and taller than my friends too.

I didn't vote in the poll because I'm afraid I'd skew the results.
Pokedex lists my height as 1'4", or about 41 centimeters.

I envy you. I'm 6"4 and I tend to hit my head on everything that hangs from the ceiling. Look at it as a blessing of a sort.


You're 4" too short to be complaining about that >_>

Solaire of Astora:

...18 year old male ;_;...

I'm still holding out a hope that I might eventually get a little bit taller but it's starting to die out.


I'm 19 and 5.5 and was picked on quite a bit as a kid for being so short...hasn't given me any problems now though! Just wish I was a tad taller.

5'4 and 19 year old male here so I can sympathize. Kind of wish I was taller but at the same don't because the years of collecting really nice looking clothes have gone to waste because then I don't fit them anymore D:

I'm a rather dull 6ft tall,not much to write home about.

183/184 cm or a few gerbil penises over 6ft :P


6'2 here and I am the tallest in my class of 200 besides that guy that was held back.


In yankee doodle terms I guess I would be 6'4''.
But that was over a year ago and I haven't been arsed to check again...could have easily grew an inch (or two) in that time.

I also happen to have an uncle that's 7'2'' tall.
I don't want to be that.


I envy you. I'm 6"4 and I tend to hit my head on everything that hangs from the ceiling. Look at it as a blessing of a sort.


You're 4" too short to be complaining about that >_>

Dude architecture depend on the area you live in.

I used to always think I was 5'5, but I checked myself a few days ago and realized that I'm 5'7 now! Yay growth spurts! :D

I'm close to 182 cm tall, which i think is about 6 feet.

188cm. Or 6'2"

6 foot 1 inch, just a bit above average I guess.

I'm over 6'7 and still growing, so pretty tall.

4'10". People tell me that this is referred to as 'cuddle sized'.

I used to be tall but then everyone else grew.

5'4" or 162.6 cm female. I might have grown an inch or two since the last time I checked.
I make it a point to hang around short people.

18 yrs old male, about 5'11.

So, pretty much what everyone my age is.

>6'2", but only just by a margin of a couple cm's (closer to 6'3" than 6'2" last I checked almost a year ago, probably 6'3" by now anyway).
Also, odd topic is odd. Any particular reason you're asking, or just genuine curiosity?

5' 7" male, 23 yrs

Pretty short, but in my family I have plenty of company on that so I guess it was inevitable :D

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