So what do you use to clean out the dirt under your fingernails?

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fire will do.

you dont have the hassle with the filth under your nails if you dont have nails in the first place. or fingers. or arms.

or i just use anything thats small enough to fit under my nails.

Either my own nails or a pen/pencil tip. I scratch my head alot so I have to do this multiple times a day.

I bite my nails, unfortunately. Been doing so since I was a kid. Can't shake the habit, though it keeps my nails clean. I guess that's something.

My finger nails are usually really short and don't get much under them. So just washing my hands usually works.

I flip my knife out and use the tip.
Haven't cut the skin under my nail yet, which is fortunate because my knife is sharp.

My other nails. I keep them short though (necessary when you play guitar) so there's not much there anyway.

What? Oh yeah, I remember those.

I bite my fingernails so they don't get very dirty.

The blade of a nail scissor, my gf's nail brush thingy or a nailfile. Usually washing my hair will to the trick tho.

I don't, I chew my nails pretty much to the point of bleeding, so there really is nothing for dirt to get stuck under :S

I know that feel bro. Used to chew my fingernails constantly, probably a habit I picked up from my mother. I've been able to stop now, but I still sometimes "pseudo-chew" on them, as in nibbling but without actually doing any damage to the nails. I find it to be very calming.

Usually any old random piece of plastic I can find, usually a guitar pick, but they're a bit too rounded. One side of a pair of tweezers (or a flathead screwdriver if you're manly) is probably the best thing for the job, but I don't have any at the moment. I can't imagine I'm likely to get one any time soon either.

I don't really bother removing dirt from under my finger nails as I usually cut them very short, and dirt never really has a chance to build up. The only time dirt builds up is when I have let my finger nails become too long (I get the urge to cut them when they are about 1mm or more).

If there's really dirt; I'll just wash my hands. Otherwise, I just use my teeth. It's kind of a habit really; and I don't tend to think about it.

I just use another nail to get anything out from under. If I have been working in the dirt and they are REALLY dirty, I take a shower and am sure to clean my nails to the best of my ability.

I never really use any tools for the job, I don't find my nails ever get that dirty, I rarely work in dirty conditions.

I don't, I chew my nails pretty much to the point of bleeding, so there really is nothing for dirt to get stuck under :S

hey, better chew your nails then chewing the skin around your nails, and on the tip of your fingers like i do. i pretty much remove the top layer of skin, but thankfully its only when im nervous.

My pocket knife.

I use it for both cleaning and trimming. Tip for cleaning and the serrated section of the blade for trimming. It actually works really well.

Exactly seconded. Although, to be clear, you don't saw the nail; the serration tends to stay sharp longer because it's less likely to contact whatever the blade cuts.

My nails are never long enough to need cleaning.
I used to play the piano, I was a esthetician and do facials and massage so long nails are banned, and also now I type so much on the computer that my nails tend to chip before they even grow.

However, i do have a full manicure kit so I use the orange sticks if I ever have to clean my nails.
That, or nail brushed after a long bath.

Nail scissors. If they're long enough that they can get dirty I cut them short and then use one scissor-bit (no idea if they have a real name) to clean out what's left.

Another nail.

Another nail, from my collection of nails from large predators. Yesterday was lion-nail day, today looks like a polar bear-day to me.

If I have a pair I'll use some nail scissors, but otherwise I'll tear off a long nail and use that.

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