have you missed your calling in life?
yes. i am awesome at something i rarely do
20% (21)
20% (21)
no. i get paid for what i do well
17.1% (18)
17.1% (18)
i volonteer my awesome skills for free
16.2% (17)
16.2% (17)
i suck at everything
45.7% (48)
45.7% (48)
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Poll: have you missed your calling in life?

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Harley Q:


Harley Q:
I took a break from my studying psychology, I was planning to be a therapist. Then I inherited a farm, that's been interesting.

That sounds like the setup to a bad comedy (possibly a rom-com if one incorporates a handsome farmhand).

Quick someone find me a farmhand!! A handsome farmhand dammit!

I know I said handsome, but he'll probably be played by Ben Stiller. Sub par comedy is all he's good for these days.

There's Something About Mary wasn't that bad, but still.

The only other option is to gather all the male Escapists from a rural background and have a beauty pageant.

I'm pretty sure I just suck at life.

If I *do* have a calling, I haven't found it yet...

pretty much this :/

word for word actually

I'm actually a pretty good writer, I like to write stories and also things like reviews, I do keep a blog, albeit one that nobody reads, but I'd like to get paid for it someday, ideally games journalism or writing fiction, though I don't have the capacity for a novel! ):


I know I said handsome, but he'll probably be played by Ben Stiller. Sub par comedy is all he's good for these days.

There's Something About Mary wasn't that bad, but still.

The only other option is to gather all the male Escapists from a rural background and have a beauty pageant.

Haha, The lovely lovely lads competition! would you like to work on a farm for me fellas? That would be hilarious.

This is a good topic! I think about this area lots. I haven't missed my calling, because it hasn't called upon me yet :)

Probably. I took a four year degree in Archaeology, but when I finished there was no work, so my previous part time job in a supermarket has become my full time job. I'm reluctant to leave because of the stability, but I need to leave to use my degree for something before I forget it all.

I've been told I'm quite good at rugby, some say to the point of playing professionally. I was hyped up to be a superstar. I was always playing at least 2 levels above everyone else my age. The worst thing that happened is that I believed it all, and felt as though I had only to coast along and I would be running out every weekend for my home team in front of thousands of people, and then maybe even play for my country. Then rejection struck me, soon followed by deep depression.

Now I'm studying Microbiology with the hopes of working a 9-5 job after I get my degree. And in order to fund this, I have sacrificed this game I love in order to pursue this ordinary life working customer care for a shitty mobile phone service provider at weekends, so that I may pay my rent. Not a day goes by when my mind doesn't drift to memories of running out to a crowd of fellow students or clubmembers, and listening to the banter of the changing room before and after a match, and wanting to do this as my life. Alas, my opportunity has passed.

I've been told I'm pretty good at creative writing, though I don't enjoy it. I probably won't ever pursue it, so for the moment, my talents are wasted.

I'm 25, I'm not sure if the cutoff date is subjective (though I imagine it is). I've been gifted with computers my whole life, and technically being a freelance installer of networks and destroyer of viruses is fulfilling the calling, but nowhere near the degree I'd like financially or otherwise. I took some (seemingly) bunk advice from several people that college is essentially a scam, and a ploy to put people deep into debt for information that's freely available. While it is true that the Internet makes the information itself completely available for one to learn on their own, employers want to see that paper. The degree itself is what you're buying, that's your ticket in, especially considering the jobs that train their own employees in the first place.

I've also studied French and Japanese for about 10 years now, and was offered a chance to teach English in Japan. I turned it down because my wife (fiance at the time) was mortified by the idea of moving to another country and had no desire to learn Japanese. I wouldn't mind translating or a similar occupation, though.

Thirdly, I've thought lately about writing articles for gaming sites or doing the youtube thing. I consider the train for actually making games to have completely passed (especially considering my complete lack of visual artistic skill), and would love to write about my passion of gaming.

To pile it on, I'm quite frankly pretty damned good at the guitar, bass, and drums, and played in several bands from age 14-22. Anxiety issues that arose brought about stage fright that wasn't present before, and playing has become a deeply personal thing that I'm terrified of doing in front of others lately (even my wife). I never had a delusion that I would be a rock star or make a living playing music though.

In short, it depends on whether or not 25 is a fair cut-off year. Regardless, I've kinda made myself feel the heat to wake up and do something about it by posting this, lest it actually be too late before I realize it.

I have absolutely no idea what my calling in life is so I guess I am currently missing it.

My biggest talents seem to be my writing, my voice, and kickboxing. I tried to use my first two talents to get a career as a radio announcer. While I was seen as a hard worker, and my teachers were generally impressed by my essays, I never really had much of a talent for thinking of things to say when on the spot. Whenever I went on-air for my college radio shows, I'd almost always have a "script" that I typed shortly before I actually had to say it. Sometimes I'd think of things to say/write, that most people thought were awesome/hilarious, but only when I had the time to actually think and plan it out. I graduated from Radio Broadcasting with high marks, but have pretty much no chance of finding a radio job, even as a volunteer.

As far as kickboxing goes, it's my main hobby. Maybe one day I might get good enough to become a professional fighter, or a martial arts instructor, or a nutritionist or personal trainer. I don't intend on ever going back to college unless it's pretty much guaranteed that I can find a job in whatever field I choose.

I don't even know what I'm especially good at. I'm smart, I'm educated, but I've always sort of coasted through life without putting my foot down and really having the drive to achieve more. But if I had to say that I have a calling, it's as a reporter. Or a human rights advocate. People have said I should be a lawyer but I've never found that interesting.

I did. Then I dialed star-69. Turns out it was a prank call.

My skills lie along the path of ship to ship combat in a Star Wars type combat situation.

Every time I see an Episode of "The Clone Wars" or something like that that features Capital ship combat I cringe. Skywalker had to guide the supply fleet safely through an interdiction line, and what does he do? Charge in face first. His cruisers were big enough that he could have rolled them up on their sides, preventing the Confederates from ever shooting at his transports, and rolled his ship continuously to prevent damage from being too bad in any one particular firearc, but no, he charges in at a suicidal rate, and what should have been a slaughter only works because he is the good guy.

I actually decided that it was time for someone with some interest and skill in it to speak up about Military strategy, and I began a treatise on Imperial Military Doctrine that I hope to submit to George Lucas and get advanced to a consultant status on the new movies working out the bugs in the movie's starship combat scenes. I doubt it will happen, but any time an SSD goes down taking fire from an enemy fleet that it outguns 10 to 1, not even counting it's escorts, someone needs to point it out so it doesn't anger the fans of real weapons of terror.

I've managed to publish five short stories, just published my fifth, finished a novel and am halfway through its sequel. I think I've hit the nail on the head when it comes to a calling in life.


I apparently have an ear for music, and was REALLY good at it in high school. But then I went the programmer route. And I'm only decent at it.

And I'm also fantastic at writing (what I feel is my true calling), but I'm only doing writing on the side. Mostly because as a kid I didn't have the patience needed for writing long novel like stories. And when I got older, I realized that writing alone doesn't pay bill unless you get really lucky.

So I write on the side now. :P I have a blog up and stuff.

I hope not. Almost though... I think. I'm 19 and just recently discovered my love for acting. It's something I love and, quite frankly, I'm good at, so I'm working on pursuing that. 19 is a bit late, but not terribly so.

Anything that involves acting, singing, dancing or playing an instrument carries with it a great deal of satisfaction. I wish you the best of luck, but remember this above all else: Don't abuse the staff. Probably the worst thing you can do in an acting career, apart from being caught literally with your pants down in the company of a prostitute and a Munro of heroin.

My calling is in IT support. Currently volunteering at an IT helpdesk (Have you tried turning it off and on again?) and not only loving every second of it but leaving every day with a "Thanks for your help today!" from my manager. :D

IT is bloody handy and those with sufficient skill in that field will always be in demand (I really hope). Can you recommend a good place to start pursuing an IT career or course? Creative Writing has no use to me.

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