The last time you said you loved someone

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Family and a selection of really close friends. And my car, fricking love my car.

A couple hours ago to my boyfriend. Because I love him to bits.

I also may have said it to my dog since then because I love my doggy too, but in a different way.

I just did.

Literally 15 seconds ago.

Happiness is Win.

As of this post, :3

Gotta love partners :P Though I do say it a lot to her, it frightens me sometimes.

I say it to my family oftentimes, and I've also said it to a few guys while engaging in the Drunken Bro Hug. The last time I said it in a romantic way was 2010. She didn't return it.

Just to my mom a couple days ago.

Never said it to anyone outside of family. Would be embarrassed to, though I would say I care about someone that way...

To my mum. Every single day because she is amazing. How many people do you think can say they've beaten every Halo game on Legendary with their mum? Or would describe Starcraft, AoE2 and Rainbow 6 as mother-and-son activities?

Probably about 2 and a bit weeks ago, to my ex before we broke up...

I'm not sure if I meant I loved her or if I loved how she used to be

Well, aren't we a depressing bunch. You can add another tick to the 'never' column for me.

Said it to my wife when I kissed her goodbye this morning. Nice to have a job that lets me browse the escapist between projects.

Daystar Clarion:
Today :D

I tell my fiancee everyday that I love her.

Yes, you may commence with the "D'awww"s.


Probably... October 28th, if I remember correctly. It was when my ex broke up with me, I pulled the whole 'but I love you' shit. My family isn't really the 'I love you' type, so I can't remember for the life of me when we last said it to each other.

Considering I've brought the mood down, I feel I should point out that I'm over all that and for want of a less old-fashioned term, I'm 'courting' someone new. Haven't asked her out, let alone to the 'I love you' stage yet.

2 seconds ago... to my girlfriend.

Last night to my girl, I still get all fuzzy inside when she says it back x3;

Last time I said it was last friday towards my sister. I didn't really mean it at that time, we're just a very affectionate family. Last time I said it and meant it might have been a long time ago. I really do love my entire family, but I don't always feel it, and I don't always say it when I do.
I should tell my dad sometime soon that I love him. We're on good terms and all, but my grandparents treated my father like crap when he was a child (they never really stopped), and I don't known how emotionally healthy my father is. My father did a great job, but we didn't really bond during my childhood (I was a quiet simple child that didn't do much). Gotta take the guy out drinking some time, and have a good heart to heart.

Kevlar Eater:
Bouncing from the topic about when you last hugged someone and this came to mind: when was the last time you said you loved someone?
What about you guys?

Today, to my spouse, before heading out to do my errands.

From the thread title, I thought you were going somewhere slightly different with this. Ah well.

Edit: UPDATE: Wait no - I just said it again. To my spouse. Coupled with a kiss. So there you have it. My answer is JUST NOW.

Immediately after the last time I used a jump scare on my mom, I believe my exact words were "I love you, please dont kill me"

Never. I was so close too, but my self confidence failed on me at the last second...

I am incapable of saying the word "love." I can write about it, I can think about it, but the moment I try to say it I feel like coughing up blood. It's gotten to the point where my parents are no longer concerned, so they've turned their attention to my brother instead.

Just now. My fiancee is sitting right next to me.

I verbally say it at least once a day to my best friend when we go to bed after talking at night. I type it several more times. Added onto that I occasionally say it a few extra times a day through emails, txts and such to family, other friends and so on.

Oh, does saying it in a prayer to god count? If so that's a few times a day too.

Last time I told someone I loved them was late February 2011. So almost two years now. Uhhhhh, that was a bad winter.

I say it pretty much every day to my girlfriend. It's a necessity in a long-distance relationship to show some affection whenever we can.

Never, except a couple of times on the internet.

I sent my Girlfriend (long distance at the time) a mix CD of uplifting songs about how much I loved her, complete with soppy note and uplifting pseudo-poetry. She received it about the same time she rang me up and told me it was over. Ironic, no?

She gave up. Cut loose. Caved in. Left. Whatever.

About 3 days ago, i finally wanted to show how i felt for my girlfriend so i told her i loved her while holding her hands, she started shaking and smiling and then leaned into me and said i love you too !. best moment of my life so far.

Last time I said it to someone who was listening was about a year ago.

This morning, to my girlfriend. Like many above, I tell her every day. I'm determined that, if tragedy strikes her, I will NOT be one of those people who wishes they'd said it once more. I also say it to my parents, but outside that, no. Tried it once, in a less serious sense to a girl who said it to me in a friendly sort of way, and it came out sounding waaaaaaaaaay different than how I'd intended. So I don't do that any more. Not like it led to tragedy or anything, it was just kinda awkward for a minute.

An hour ago, to my bf before he fell asleep. Been a little over two years now, saying/hearing it is still like an instant rush of *happy*. Doesn't matter how few or how many times a day we say it.

My mom, a minute ago. I have a habit that I have to say it every time I leave the room (only to my mom), else I feel like I'm showing disrespect.

It's not from abuse or anything :/, it's just a habit I've had since I was little.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I tell my sweetheart of a girlfriend that everyday! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Today to my Grandmother, fairly standard way to finish a Skype call with family to be honest

3 hours ago to my Mum and puppy when I was heading out

Daystar Clarion:
Today :D

I tell my fiancee everyday that I love her.

Yes, you may commence with the "D'awww"s.

Obligatory "You disgust me, how dare you, you animal, etc..."

OT: Been a while.

A few hours ago, to my papa, who is currently out in India helping educate children in schools and such ^-^

Probably something I'll say to all my friends when we graduate high school this coming May. Oh God, I might cry that day.

Theres also this certain someone who I wanted to say that cursed phrase too for almost a year now, she has a boyfriend who cheated on her twice who she is still with, loves playing video games, she always wants to hang with me when her boyfriend isn't around, and loves my personality, plus she is so beautiful and charming.

Not one for the whole cheesy "Soul Mate" thing especially since I'm so damn young, but I might have to tell her my true feelings when the time is right.

And most importantly: "I LOVE ALL OF YOU!" ^_^ <3 xoxoxoxoxo

Daystar Clarion:

Yes, you may commence with the "D'awww"s.

^What Daystar said.

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