Experiment 0009 (Most likely discontinued)

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But wait, this must be criticism in disguise! Hmm, yes, I see, I should probably do a bit more research in my sciency stuff.

No actually I made that up on the spot, and it's not criticism, it's fan additional content.

Me likey. Me likey very much. Thanks for the little fan content, I'll put it in the "top secret" files.

Once again, late update

Sorry again for the late update, but the comic will be updated probably on the weekend or if not then on Monday at the latest. Some weird stuff with the schedule and personal stuff have prevented me from finishing the comic on time.

Don't worry, if I don't update on the time(s) I specified for whatever reason then I'll make it up to you guys with a double or triple update.

But let's have some news on the website. Currently, Daye.04 has been doing some fine work with the site. While he's by no means and expert, it's still coming along great and it should be up very soon if we can work something out.

That should be all for now, so have a nice day.


I apologize for the lack of updates

Things have been going on recently with Fanboy and I that have prevented us from updating the comic in a while. The comic still should go along as planned, but expect us to postpone later updates so we'll be able to get ahead in the comic to prevent this from happening frequently.

Expect (or rather, be hopeful for) an update in a few days, but I guarantee nothing except that we'll update eventually in the near future.


Experiment 0009 as a comic? Eh, not doing so good.

This may be obvious at this point, but I felt that I needed to "officially" say it.

While I won't say that the comic is "dead", per se, I will say that I have had a decrease in confidence for the comic itself. Fanboy not finishing up the comics in time, myself not actually making the overlay for them, and the website being all over the place, it makes for one crazy night and sort of wanes your confidence in your personal projects.

There are some other factors, laziness being the most prominent, and also the lack of any real support. Though I fully admit that the support should be dealt with myself and obviously I can't expect everything to be a booming success overnight. One can dream though...

I'm glad that "Experiment 0009" made it past the first chapter, hell I didn't even think I'd make it past the first week, but in the end I guess it wasn't truly meant to be.

This does not mean the end for "Experiment 0009" as a whole though, I personally really like the idea and look forward to try and implement it into other forms of mediums and entertainment that will hopefully be more successful than the webcomic has been.

I'm not going to say that the "Experiment 0009" webcomic is completely dead, maybe sometime soon I'll update a page or two in the process (We already have a page in stand-by), but to be perfectly honest I don't have much confidence in the success of this project.

So to whomever is reading this, a fan of "Experiment 0009" or just stumbling on this website, thanks for reading.


I only just found this today - I like it :)

I hope you keep making these, but I appreciate that it isn't all that easy.

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