How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know at one time you were able to change your title, but can't now because you gave up Pub Club.

I know he's a gone gonzo, what ever that is.

I know they voted Journey for 2012 GotY

I know he was spotlighted!

I know I missed the big reveal :(

I know he doesn't know the big reveal was Black Rock Shooter =P

I know that apparently he's revealing.

I know they work a lot.

I know she tries not to.

I know she should be paid to like, sit around and watch football and stuff.

I know I'm definitely not what they're talking about.

I know I didn't hit the refresh button. :P

I know that she gets paid to put her hands in machines designed to crush glass...-3-

I know he's a member of the Forum Games group

I know that he's famous now!

I know he's forsaken fame.

I know that they're just the worst :P

I know she's the best.

I know they worship Shock in a totally non-creepy way...

I know he thinks I worship people.

I know that they worship no one!

I know she self-worships =P

I know they have an obnoxious avatar!

I know that I haven't seen him for a while here

I know he was spotlighted.

I know he likes black coffee.

I know that he's like a unicorn.

Appearing ever so often. O. O

I know that he doesn't want to detain me.
I know that I feel like a baby every time I see an 08 member.

I know he is still being awesome, one day at a time.

I know he loves New Vegas.

I know that he LPs.

I know their PSN name is Princesshaily.

I know he tracks PSN names.

I know that I barely use my PSN account.

I know Haily likes to be worshipped in a more... intimate way.

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