If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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I love the pastries!

I haven't had breakfast yet. 3:

Mmmmmmm...... I've got so much food, but you're not having any haha.

Well I just some foods. It was awesome. >:c


red eyes tell me.. you're possessed! Begone foul demon! Murderer! Deviant of the rightful path! Begone I say!

It's not as possessed as actually being a demon. >.>

I was talking to the demon. You can stay.

I was talking to the demon. You can stay.

I am the demon! D=

Begone foul person clubber!

*gives top hat to* Stay classy kid.

Sorry sir, I cannot show you where the ball is. I can give you some vodka, though.

Ahhh....... why are you laughing at me????? Seriously stop it........ you're gonna make me cry.....

*I run off crying like a little bitch*

*tilts head and looks awed* Wh... what just happened?!

So am I brother. So am I.


You ARE DEMON! Begone! May you be dragged back to hell! This is no place for you!

That's so hilarious, let me larf.

*chuckles and tips hat* Indeed.

*Twirls cane and skips and walks off*

Umm, should I call for help?

Here come dee lions. Only in Kenya... only in Kenya we got lions!

*prepares silverware* Roasted lion it is then!


Hey! That's beef stock in there! I see it!

I'm the Vegan police BITCH and you broke the Vegan law...I'm taking your Vegan powers with me!

*roasts beef* Hunters Beef is so manly. >:O

Why do you keep showi.. Oooh is that roast beef? *eats*

Ayep! The finest cuts around.

We should make a roast beef sandwich or two.
capcha: string along

*waters the plants*

Hmm, no one here. It seems that they suspended there trip.
*Laugh Laugh Laugh*

Are you Aslan? Have you come to resurrect this topic?

You fools! Lamb is the best meat!

double post :(

What? Necromancy? I thought this was thread Necrophilia.

"You sir have shown up above me more times than I wish to count! Get out of my castle and get off my lawn!" Draws sword "And take that lady with you too, her manner is unseemly"

O'rly? Have you heard the good word brother? The church of the all might lord "BoobFriction" invites you.

You should really be using that club to find a mate instead of clubbing thin air.

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