If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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...Are you here to suck my blood?... >.>


Should I be scared?... >.>

Most likely.
I tend to bite the throat out...

... Da_ ...

Calm down... dismemberment is more fun!

Umm... I wouldn't really mind...
But... would you make me a vampire after-wards?

Or at least leave me enough blood to survive.

To both.
But no guarantees.

Red eyes? Do tell.

Admiral? Come in.

I heard you like admirals...

I hear you dislike aliens...

I hear you dislike frenzied murdering...

I hear you like music.

Please stop looking at me like that.

Uh, hello? Hello? Seriously, If you wanna talk to me, get your head outta that book.

Why're you pointing that gun at me?..

Did you float here?

Here, have a medkit. Now go back to fightin' those zombies!

*continues ripping zombies apart*

Don't forget a crowbar!
*throws a crowbar at Hail Fire*

*Is hit by a crowbar*


*Closes door*

That crowbar was in the air for a really long time...

He's got a hell of an arm.

It was there for sooooo long. I made a buffet in that time. =3

What kind of buffet?

Do you got somewhere to be?

You're either offering me a lot of money, or you want to play cards. Either way, I'm in.

Oh, it's you... *glares* Go buy some hamsters or something!

Some flower thingies... Why thank you good sir

You're selling head pants? I'll take five!


Evil clown. Better kill him with my awesome

*Tilts head to the side*

You make my head hurt.

You! Explain Plastic Beach, it sucked!

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