The Society of Justice: A Super Hero Roleplay

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"Honestly I'm surprised he isn't here now," Cillian replied to Richard before answering everyone else, "Tests start tomorrow. The rest of the day is for you to relax and familiarize yourselves to the area and each other. There is food in the kitchen, check the cupboards and fridge."

Cillian was about to respond to Aaron before Garrus cut in.
"Look bitch, you should be happy that they're allowing us to stay in such a place as this! You should damn well be grateful," he yelled, getting a few looks from the people around him.

"No, I want to get back to my business. This was never apart of what I wanted this suit to be doing. It is meant to be mass produced for the US Army, not with me trouncing around the world to save people." Richard replied to Anton with venom in his voice.

Jason gave a startled look at the conflict between the three people.

"Ummm...okay...well, i'm gonna be in the kitchen if anyone needs me." He says, quickly rushing out, in hopes to search for the kitchen in the giant place.

"I should go"

Simon said, quickly getting up and following Jason. He was fine with a little drama but shouting matches weren't his thing

"I'm hungry too. Wait for me!"

James took off after Jason to the kitchen.

"Whoa Garrus what's your problem," Aaron got up and faced him.

"Food sounds really good right now." Anton said as headed off into the same direction Jason went " This place has to have amazing food"

"My problem you ungrateful bastard is that you called this place a 'craphole'! Should be grateful that you're allowed to stay her. But then again I doubt someone like you could understand the significance of this place," Garrus replied angrily, trying to calm himself down before he got too mad.

"Garrus chill, he didn't mean anything by it," Cillian said, starting to get a little stressed again.

"You know what I need to get away from you before I do something I regret," Aaron made his way into the kitchen with the others.

"Well," Birras said, clasping his hands together, "I need some classic rock, or I may well go blind." The doctor proceeded to the entertainment room, selected a CD labeled 'David Bowie: Greatest Hits' and began to listen to it at unsafe volumes.

Teleporting ahead of the others, Simon was amazed at the sign of the eating area and kitchen.

"Wow" he said simply, walking over to the large fridge hoping to find some milk.

He was lucky. They had chocolat milk.

He quickly started shifting around the kitchen, grabbing a glass, pouring the milk, placing it back in the fridge, and then into another one of the comfy chairs

Aaron grabbed a glass and filled it with ice and sat near Simon and started to munch on his ice.

"So you can teleport."

Garrus almost went after Aaron, but Cillian stopped him. "You did well to let that slide. Those therapy sessions have been helping you out a lot," Cillian said, smiling at the still pissed Garrus.

"Pfft. Whatever. I just didn't want to tear down the building or anything," he replied, about to take a seat before Patriot Punch broke through the ceiling.

"Good day everyon- Where is everyone?" he asked, brushing off the debris on his outfit and looking around the mostly empty room.
"You're a little late sir. Most are busy eating," Cillian said, looking through the whole in the ceiling and seeing fireworks.

"Really? Thought saving the bus only took a few minutes. Well alright then," he said, kicking a rock out of his way. He turned to Garrus and gave him a hug, "Nice to see you again boy! It's been a few months."
"Indeed. I still feel the pain from the last hug," Garrus replied, slipping out from Patriot's grasp.

"Yep, thats one of my skills"

Simon said with a wink, taking a long drink of the chocolate milk

"Do they? Do they? GASP! They do!"

James reached into the fridge, pulling out a package of pastrami, raising it above his head triumphantly.


He then fished out cheese and a roll, and proceeded to create a hot pastrami sandwich, which he began nomming almost immediately, sitting in one of the plush chairs.

"Mmm, delicious pastrami, delicious chairs. This place is awesome!"

Richard cleared his throat.

"Mr. President, I really don't think that this is necessary for me. I would prefer it if you let me go back to my business, you know the suit was designed specifically for your troops and can do much more good with them, not having a single one with me and having me gallivant around playing superhero. I am a businessman, this isn't my place, now will you please let me leave and do my job?"

"Ah Mr. Masterson I had a feeling you'd be here," Patriot said, quickly wrapping his arm around Richard.

"Ah, sir you're the one that wanted him in the group," Cillian said.
"Hmm? Ah yes you're right! Anyways Richard, no you cannot stop doing your duty to be a hero! You're going to stay here and you're going to like it young man! Or else you'll be sent to your room...for twenty to life," Patriot told Richard.

"He means prison," Cillian said, deciding that he wouldn't butt in anymore.

"Well, at least I can stop hating you Cillian. You appear to be stuck in the same boat I am, albeit for different reason in another way, but still. Sir, I have done my duty since I inherited the company from my father, and we have only been doing business with companies and nations in good political standing with the US. Do you have any idea how many countries would jump at the chance to have me defect? More than you can count sir, I could easily skip bail to any of those countries, and they would pay me to do it! Give me one good reason why I should stick around." Richard responded slightly angry with the situation.

"Hey Pastrami guy I didnt catch your name. What is it and what can you do," Aaron walked over with a piece of ice in his mouth.

Anton tried to recover from the earshattering declaration of pastrami when he noticed the alcohol on the shelf next to a series of shotglasses and suddenly this day got a lot better ,he thought.

"Because. You. Are. An. AMERICAN!" Patriot said with a pose, a huge explosion of fireworks going off in the sky at that exact moment.

"And you'd lose all your contracts," Cillian added with a cough, deciding he could say a few more things at least.

Richard sighed before speaking.

"Patriot, you better thank Cillian and give him a raise, because he just said the one thing that would keep me around. I need to make a call, and a drink." Richard finish speaking before calling his office and ordering the delivery of the suit to the Promenade.

"Know on this I will not budge however, this suit and its plans will remain with me, the prototypes are yours as per our agreement, but the secrets of this suit will only be mine to have."

double post sorry.

"Glad to have you on board Richard!" Patriot said, patting him on the back a few times. "Now then, perhaps I should go and greet the others and grab a bite to eat in the kitchen?" he asked himself.

"Do what you want sir. I need to go an- second thought it might be best if I just stay with you until you go," Cillian said with a sigh, glaring at Garrus who started to crack up.

"Names James. And I don't really have any powers, but I know I can hold my own in a fight. Plus, I have this little baby."

James drew his 'Softy' gun.

"Nice, ain't it?"

"It's cute. Just kidding with you man," Aaron turned to see some old dude walking in the kitchen.

Richard turned to Garrus as Patriot and Cilian left.

"How in the hell did you put up with that for as long as you did?"

"Honestly I don' might be a cause for my therapy now that I think about it," Garrus said, scratching his goatee as he grabbed the controller for the tv.

"Ah such a marvelous group of youngsters!" Patriot said as he walked into the kitchen. "I have faith in all of you! Especially you, the one by the fridge. Mind getting me a glass of milk please?" he asked Anton, taking a seat at the table.

Anton stopped pouring himself a drink, rolled his eyes, and opened the fridge.

"That used the last of the milk" He replied as he closed the fridge door.

Patriot sighed at the news, instead asking for a glass of water with ice. "If you could please?" he added after asking Anton.

"I need a drink." Richard said as he went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of scotch and went back to the main room after he grabbed a glass as well. He sat on the couch next to Garrus.

"Thank god this part of the place was designed for comfort. Though I must say the historical significance is obvious, good to know it didn't lose its main purpose." he said pouring himself a glass.

"This lounge is nice. Was created close to the end of the first generation. One of the oldest parts of the Promenade, though it's gone through a ton of renovations for each generation," Garrus replied, flipping through the channels before stopping on the food network. "Hope you don't mind."

Anton let out an audible sigh and reopened the fridge.

"Uh...theres no ice" spoke Anton in a genuinely surprised tone. He looked around and noticed one of them eating ice.

"Really? Drat. Perhaps you could list me the drinks that are in the refrigerator; then I can choose from those," Patriot asked Anton, looking quite disappointed at the lack of ice or milk.

"Doesn't bother me in the slightest. Might have to make my own renovations some day. Bring this place to the cutting edge and the highest echelons of society. No offense, but this place is a little behind the curve. Surprised someone didn't hire my company earlier, considering I do most if not all defense contracts for the military's security systems." Richard replied as he took a sip.

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