Your Avatar vs Above Avatar?

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I'm dead before I can even see it!

Shocked face beats no face.


Kuroneko has no heart.

There's more than one way to skin a cat!

Use alchemy to build walls around myself and hope you don't see me.
You win Mr. Predator

I lose. Unless I manage to lure him into the back of my unmarked van over there... By the way, I heard they're giving out free puppies in the back of that unmarked van over there!

I'd win. Just eat enough nachos, and EVERYTHING will be taken care of.

I'd win, don't even know if i'd need the alchemy on this one.

Alchemy HAH! Set lasers from stun... TO KILL!

Lasers can't kill a word, but a word can deny lasers.

I'll just transform that no.... To a yes. There, I win.

I deny your avatar's very excistance. I win.

I can't read. You mean nothing to me. I win.

Hey, there's candy in the back of that unmarked van over there!

That van is looking awfully tempting... Hey! Whats happening!

Hope you like landfills!

Curse you clown!!!

I think I could win it would two vs one.

My trippyness causes your to asplode.

The Master has seen stranger things than bright colors.

Your face is melted off from too much guitar.

My avatar keeps dry humbing you till you awkwardly leave.

My brutal honesty destroys your youthful innocence.

Oh, and the unhealthy cereal also makes you fat.

My avatar decapitates yours with his guitar.

I will grind your bones into dust!

I ineffectively swing my WW2 Katana at you.

i chop u up with my helichopper blades

The helicopter crashes because the pilot is too distracted looking at how awesome fred fredburger is.

I. Win. By alot

The Turian parks his battleship on Snake.

SCIENCE! < Turian.

Science collects cloud of shiny particles and gases for study. (I lost...)

All particles and gases go out in several directions, hoping that some will touch Fred Fredburger.

I'm sorry Fred Fredburger but......your dead.

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