What should the user above you title be?

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Dr. Susse MD

The Most Hilarious Dictator in the Wooooorld.

Ryan Reynolds (- ring + mouth) =

Cowboy beater!

Master of the Punny

Enemy of chimney sweeps.

Get me out of this hole

My Hat Gives Me Strength!

Spider shit sticks.

Not a Real Doc.

Blew the effects budget.

A Not So Sober Christmas

Hail to the Taco baby.

I regularly consume alcoholic beverages.

Enter the Abyss.

This avatar is 20% (dead)pooler!

Will assimilate you

Fear the Chibi banhammer.

Please continue

This is not a hat.

Lover of Vibrant Colours.

Likes Tentacles!

Constant Clash

Not impressed

The ear of Saruon.

"Is Now An Artifact"

The All Powerful Taco.

Press Junketeer!? I can be so much more.

The best console of our time!

Making a Grilled Cat Sandwich

That which has always existed!

Reaching Out To The Truth

Better than airline food.

Still better than most consoles!

No Shows on Netflix? D':

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