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Honkai Star Rail Keeps Getting Features That Genshin Impact Desperately Needs

Honkai Star Rail Keeps Getting Features That Genshin Impact Desperately Needs. This image shows an ultimate move in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail, as of the very recently released 1.5 update, now has another 20 levels to its battle pass. Naturally, it’s not called a battle pass; it’s called Nameless Honor, but it does the same job. You do stuff as you play, you gain experience for it, you get stuff for you trouble.

It’s a pretty cash-efficient way of gaining some extra in-game resources, and if you’re going to buy anything in the game, it’s one of the best things to spend your money on. The cap takes the total number of levels from 50 to 70, and while the big rewards are still in the first 50 levels, 51-70 now grants extra money and relic crafting materials. It’s not essential, but a nice bonus for playing the game daily. Do you know what game doesn’t have more than 50 levels but has been out for a few years longer? Genshin Impact!

Please miHoYo, Don’t Stop Loving Genshin Impact

Honkai Star Rail Keeps Getting Features That Genshin Impact Desperately Needs. This image shows Venti and a dragon.

Now, the subheading is a little dramatic, but it sort of sucks to see Genshin Impact lacking in little features like this because players have been clamoring for them for ages. You can max out the Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact battle passes in the first half of each patch. That leaves a full three weeks of nothing for players that are dedicated to the games.

It’s not like it’s the end of the world to be missing out on these things, and players just sort of sucked it up. But knowing that Honkai Star Rail, also made by miHoYo, is getting stuff like this stings a little bit. It’s not just the battle pass either – it’s other things. Take the ten free wishes granted in each patch with Honkai Star Rail – they’re not in Genshin Impact either.

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You also can’t teleport straight to bosses in Genshin Impact or make it so you can fight them again immediately (you have to wait a few minutes for them to respawn). You don’t even get random gifts of extra daily energy from the patch announcement live streams. It’s not like miHoYo isn’t aware of these problems, either, because Genshin Impact recently introduced a new daily commission system that allows players to open chests or take part in events to get their daily quests done instead of doing the same daily quests for months on end.

Suffering From Success

Honkai Star Rail Keeps Getting Features That Genshin Impact Desperately Needs. This image shows a beautiful field.

There are things like event replays, too, which don’t sound like a big deal, but the events in both games often contain huge lore dumps that new players can miss. That’s to say nothing of event-exclusive weapons, which can be the best options for some of the game’s five-star characters. Sure, we get it; you need time-exclusive stuff to get people to play, but come on now.

You can exchange materials with ease in Honkai Star Rail, too, and while there’s a bit of that in Genshin Impact, it’s nowhere near as comprehensive or as generous. Then, you’ve got the more comprehensive end-game content as well. Honkai Star Rail has two main endgame modes. The first is the Forgotten Hall, which lets players fight off rooms of baddies for premium currency to spend on wishes or whatever they want to. Genshin Impact has the Spiral Abyss, which offers the same.

However, Honkai Star Rail also has Simulated Universe, which is an incredible roguelike mode that has you picking up buffs and fighting your way through rooms of different monsters, gaining curios, and getting more currency, some cool items, and unique relics. Why doesn’t Genshin Impact have this? It’s not like it’s not been in the game, either – several events have a comparable mode within them, but it’s just not there.

We know that Genshin Impact isn’t being ignored by miHoYo. However, despite how absolutely stunning the story, world, and combat of Genshin Impact are, it just feels a bit ignored on the quality of life front. Just bring it to the level of Honkai Star Rail for those of us who play both and can see how much greener the grass is in space, which doesn’t even make sense in the first place.

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