If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For sleeping 20 hours.

For not sleeping those 20 hours with me... they were very rejuvenating...

For leaving everything to the last minute.

For doing everything when she's supposed to...

For an unwanted mental image.

For liking the Saints.

For wanting the Falcons to win, but betting against them anyway...<.<

For saying I would do such a thing, how dare you.

Because you gotta go by statistics when making bets...<.<

For not thinking the Cleveland browns are the best.

For not watching Australian Football instead...<.<

For watching it all.

I'm in a depression and I thought that hitting you would help me.
Sadly it didn't.

Because punches are how we convey mateship.

Because ninja.

Because ninjas are jerks I guess.

Because you hate ninjas!

For loving them.

For preferring pirates. Swashbuckling mothafuckas don't have shit on a ninja.

For booby-trapping the chimney to shoot fireballs at me

For pooping in the chimney in the first place!

For having a dark outline around their figure

Is it a force-field?

For changing again.

For not embracing change!

For taking all my change.

For taking all of Obama's change...<.<

For falling out a window.

For throwing me out of said window and trying to make it look like an accident...<.<

For not letting me get away with it.

Because it wasn't me it was those meddling kids...<.<

Because I've got Dinosaur Jr tickets.

Because, if he values his hearing, he might think about bringing earplugs... especially if the show's going good and they decide to bust out the glorified jam session that is "Don't"... xD

Loves how he sort of just gives up by the end of that song...<.<

Though, they do a bit more on this tour... but they usually don;t play a lot of their newer stuff... just so you know...<.<

For having too much FUN

Because certainly not FUN...

but not that fun. either, actually...<.<

For posting stuff.

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