If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For not bringing purple!

For telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

for the death of the PS2!

For framing me!

I'm innocent I tells ya!

For loving the PS2.
That device destroyed the Dreamcast!

For waiting her turn patiently


Because anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering!

Because milk leads to cheese and cheese leads to high cholesterol...<.<

I was paid by the cheese lobby because you dared badmouth it's products

For being paid to silence people!

For being paid to watch the Midnight Channel!

For their vague title (are you asking us to get tattoos or are you getting a tattoo?)

For thinking it is vague.

For currently being drunk...<.<

For failing to get that TV fixed.

For not having as long of a winter break as I did.
I've missed so much! *cries*

For currently being drunk...<.<

Because I'm not.

Because that denial always means you are!

For not giving me a bear to view.

For changing avys.

For having the Landmark badge

I am jealous >.>

For not having it.

For expecting the impossible out of tacos

For being a downer.

For having a more distracting avatar than me.

For having flashy avatars.

For not really being lazy.

To fix alcohol related issues.

For just being so scary.

For being a MEANY ;_;

For being like super old and stuff.

Because that must mean I'm ancient then.
I'm not old...

For being like super old and stuff.


OT: For needing a walker.

Because you're still older!


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