Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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...was the last thing he said after he tried to avenge me.

you failed miserably, but thanks.

He tried to fight Gandalf, which was his own mistake.

...was what she (I cant really tell) said before *not* helping me fight gandalf, and was thus killed by the robot spartan on his quest for vengeance.

A testament to someone`s inability to give up, even when the odds were horribly stacked against them.

off getting killed by teenagers when I needed him most

Look! How many times do I have to tell you! Don't mess with Gandalf!

your not much better, always getting your arse handed to you by mecha space super jetfighter xerxes

EDIT: does anyone else realize that some of us are arguing from a dead perspective? I am just imagining long back and forth conversation written on tombstones

He was big and evil, which was his own undoing.

Edit: I guess your tombstones are going to take up the whole cemetary just so you can argue for all eternity.

Whatever he was... we will never know...

He died the way he lived, yelling at people.

Some questioned whether it was her magic that brought the wind, or if it was just good timing.

I didn't know what he was, and now I never will.

but now he can go ask for himself.

He burned himself to death.

Nobody knew what would happen when we touched his button.

We never saw his eyes, but that's the fun.

died as she lived, not giving me a hug.

I always told him not to pick fights with wizards, but he never listened.

They told him that suit was too tight. Turns out, it was

They told him not to rush and throw the pie. He should have listened.

She told me her hat was cooler than mine. Big mistake.

I told her not to put on the cursed wizards hat but she didn't listen

We told him not to leave Cortana behind, but he didn't listen.

She insulted my fedora. She had it coming.

I told her not to put on the cursed wizards hat but she didn't listen

You got ninja'd.

he claimed that he had ninja'd me that was the final straw

He tried to take my one tries to take my cookie...least of all ODST...I warned him!

Let it be know that I outlived Naruto, so let there be much rejoicing.

*starts dancing on his coffin.

what can you say when you don't even know what it is?

He didn't know what to say. He deserved it.

When the Endless eight became to much...
*chokes up*
She went to a better place.
Yuki we miss you

All those bright flashy colors and they still couldnt see him in time...

We are at a loss for words how so many inanimate objects can die.

She addressed the wrong funeral first, for that she has paid the ultimate price

It caught us in our moment of error, it was not allowed to live.

Was killed by her own fireball.

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