Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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He went out mildly frowning.

It's almost unfair that one man should take that much concentrated Beiber.

But he saved us all with his sacrifice.

In my defense, the Little Sister was saved >.>.

Alas poor Nouw we hardly knew thee!

His quest to find the rest of his clown body ended up with him losing what little of it he had left.

He didn't wear gloves. 'Nuff said.

She may have been slightly vivacious, but it was all for the best.

The lightning behind him was not for show.

I told her she couldn't eat all that.

We never figured out what happened to his face.

Those goggles...made them look snazzy.

He lost track of his wings time limit. He was above the pit of spiky poisoned snakes. He survived that and died peacefully in his sleep a year later.

If only you weren't so shy around me the killer...

There could only be one lucky the cat. The one from ALF was, sadly, the victor.

She never grew to be the terrible woman she was destined to be.

I think it highly likely they're faking their own death. Again.

I know you'd say sorry for causing me so much sorrow, Fluttershy!

He was as pants-sh*tingly terrifying in death as he was in life...

He died rowing, fighting a "power" only he could see.

He died with handsome goggles on his/her face.

He was one hell of loud guy for someone called "thesilentman"

I was told there'd be muffins. Why am I not getting any muffins? I CAN'T GIVE CONDOLENCES WITHOUT MUFFINS!!

I never knew you... not really.
Although you came from my chest you just seemed to grow up so quickly. I regret not being there for your first day of hunting and meeting your first mate but... *wipes tear* I am hear now to pay my respect to you.

You ugly bastard.

They were never really colourful people, but I miss them anyway.

He used to be on the record, but now he is 6-feet under...

He baked muffins, but not for me. That was his final mistake.

I hardly knew ye, but it was probably for the best.

And the moose takes yet another victim...

They said to just add water. We also added sulfuric acid.

It was a sad day when dear Nouw went insane from hearing a too concentrated level of country music.

Out of respect we'll now play Walk the line.

In retrospect, it was stupid to believe that just because nobody had been on the road on the previous trips doesn't mean you can let your wheels pull you to the left, into the oncoming lane of a freight train.

After a 9 month battle with dubstep, leet finally lost it after the one thousand and two hundred and ninety first bass-drop.

Nouw was Nouw. Now let's go get waffles.

The helmet did him no good.

That sword was just too rusted...

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