Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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Nice guys. I cracked up.

That unfortunate card was a cursed card. We burnt it on a stake.

At least he can brighten up a funeral

Little did he know the gun fires backwards.

We told him/her not to open the briefcase...


T'was a fateful day when his pie did not work.
A moments silence.

So bagels CAN kill people...

Turns out, trying to shoot a bull with an arrow for money is not a good idea.

He threw a fastpie when he needed to throw a sinker. He learned that the hard way.

She was part of the mafia; an exchange went bad and that was her undoing.

He just had to roll the Bulbasaur die.

I never should have asked her to defrag my hard drive...

I told him time and time again to not look at any reflective surface. He never listened.

Unwittingly clicked a link that led to Goatse.

Goodbye Bob.
Did you really think your ATK can penetrate my Tekkaman Blade's DEF?

They brought alternating measures of either joy or sassiness to this world and for that we shall miss them.

We could always count on him to give us vertigo.

It's too bad he landed in the U.S. coin mint.

At least her Endless Eights are finally over.

He was so close to winning, too.

I had a running bet that I would outlive them, I won.

Who could have ever predicted that all those injections of random things could be deadly.

It wanted to follow mommy Dalek, before it could fly.

Stuff, happens. Sad stuff sometimes. A tear for those who were lost...

I told her...I TOLD HER! I told her to stop being such a furry, but no...she wouldn't listen...

I told him to stop making fun of little pink fluff balls. He refused to listen, and one day ran into Kirby.

I told him...I TOLD HIM! I told him to stop being such a furry, but no...he wouldn't listen...

We've gone over this, HER!!!
Kirby in a Braille fueled rage came across him, it was a bloodbath...

"It was tastey"

He died for our sins.

Thought the naughty boy was the messiah, Thor did not approve...

...And there was much rejoicing

If only I had his green suit.

He should have known better than to practice his juggling with swords.

And he returned to the arms of machine spirit hivemind

I told him not to wear the red shirt.

He shouldn't of tried the red shirt on...

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