if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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*Paints on whiskers*


*turns off light*

Clean up after yourself.

*smacks* Stop sneaking in here!

Make him test the iTaco and beat him to death with it after he's listed all the bugs

Make him confess to the Pope about his various crimes in Tacodom.

Force him to be blinded by the light

The light is our friend...

*turns light off*

Stop playing with the fittings, you'll break it, and do break them, I'll break your wrist.

*lights candle* Natural light will protect us all!

*Pulls out a flashlight*

Artificial light is the way to go!

BAH. You can never outshine the SUN.

Leather or spandex tonight?

Sorry, you're not my girlfriend. Or a girl. Get out of here.

Get out of here stalker!

Get over here!


Use him to test the targeting systems of my robot droid killing machines of doom

Fire when ready!

*Glares at droids*

If you fire in my house I'll have you decommissioned...

*Turns on interrogation lamp*

"Where were you on the day of today? I'm talking to YOU, devil!"

I believe he was out having a nice cup of tea.

*sips tea* Care for some tea gentlemen?

No, I don't drink tea of coffee, I'd rather you gave me Pepsi...

Me and my pet Dragon oooo
Me and my pet Dragon oooooooooooooo


I'm a demon, not a dragon...

*stomps some more*

You look like a dragon.

Sure we can't see the wings but still.

You might be one of those, confused dragons.

Got their mythology all wound up.

On closer inspection I would say he is a giant gecko, my good man.

Seems like it. Close relation to the Komodos me thinks.

I don't know, play some cards with him?

I just wanted some companionship for a little while...

I would like to introduce you to a little friend of yours...please step in...PsychicBurrito!

Force him to eat PsychicBurrito

Force him to submit to PsychicBurritos demands!

Give him the memo from Psychic Shwarma.

Force him to tell me the location of all the Psychic Items

Why do I always end up tying up my guests? Seems odd, wouldn't you say?

Make him watch as I obliterate his Tetris high score.

*Polish. Spit. Polish. Spit*
You'll love lovely on my mantelpiece.

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