If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@nero we're scared of the OT.....

@topaz yes let's hide. But where?

@Topaz: That's because EVERYTHING there is OT >.>

Put that gun away, then I'll sleep.

@TopazFusion: What are you going on about? EVERYTHING in Forum Games is OT. :-D

@topaz fine. I will finally join the group and start posting.....

@Pop: NO DON'T!


A lady, A cannon(A Big one at that), and Akbar? how does this all fit into one bed!

And the OT seems to be losing it OTicness! lol...

@stuff too late already did

This bed only can hole two people. Everyone who I point to must leave.

Pffft, it's a big bed.

*throws blanket off the bed*

Oh look, my blanket mysteriously disappeared.

Let me keep you warm.


*gets crushed by*

*rubs eyes*

Am I awake yet?

no you arent

Pop, why do you and your friends keep sleeping in my bed?

I'll answer that once you answer me why YOU keep sleeping in MY bed!

I'll sleep in your bed instead. :3

Yet you ended up in mine in the end.
It's okay, the Afro is soft.

Not after I set it on FIRE!

Stop decaying around me.

Stop getting ninja'd by me =P

Stop making me a happy suit of armor.

@nero because we all live in so cal?

Stop getting ninja'd by me =P


Oi! That's supposed to be my next avatar! You've ruined everything!

Then that makes it even more effective. >.>

Oh stop it >.>

*pokes eye holes*

PYRA! *glomps*

@Pyra: *pounces on and hides behind*


Huh? Oh. Continue. :-)


*scratches, runs, hides*

Not working. >:3

So how much would I get for you if I tossed you in prison?

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