If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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How about yes?


It used to be cuddly... and shit...(!!) =_=

Oh, hi Alphonse... *tonk*

I still don't know what you are, but you should leave.

Congrats on 10k posts Sckizo.

The on and off nature of this thread confuses me!

OT: What are you doing here brook? I don't have any women's panties! Get out! >:(

Take that silly mask off ;). That's a mask right???

OT: We can keep doing this for as long as you don't let your crazy show ;).

We can keep doing this fullstop :3.

Can I try your crown on now, please? I promise I won't break it. :3

Hopefully it's not my own guardian angel or things just got really weird.

I stare, puzzled, but also rather proud.

"Want some coffee... or anything, um, else?"

Hang, last comment attempt was for avatar above the currently above one.

EDIT: Oh... Oh dear.
How many of us did I make?

Also pass me some pliers, better turn the replicator off.

Not that I'm bad company, it's just, y'know, things could get awkward.

I don't have pliers... at least we both have strange eyes!

Can you turn off that tornado thing you've got going on? Some of the stuff in my room is breakable. ._.

This seems uncomfortable for you.

...Bullets don't do much to me...

You again? Man, I should really think about taking some insurance on the stuff in my house.

Oh come on, don't let a little wind... ruffle your feathers...

I think I'm gonna throw up.

.. I guess I should be happy you didn't eat me while I slept, so there's that.

More explosions.

Moar gunfire!

My house is on fire now.

I'm fine with this.

Ahhhhhh! I'm cooked! DX

...Why are you looking at me like that?

Ahhhhhh! I'm cook! DX

You disappeared!
OT: Don't steal my ult, man. Just don't do it.

And now I'm reappeared!

*Is mildly burnt*

Time to apply cream to your burns. Where are you burned?

Stop spinning! I don't even WANT your ult to begin with!

D'you want some tea?

The answer had better be yes.

I'm not against forcefeeding bad guys.

Um...what if I can't eat your food or drink your tea?

Might as well destroy my village

Wake up next to the Nine-Tailed Fox...eh I've had worse.

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