If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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You love it. <.<

Being tangled up? Not really.
A little.

That's the spirit. :D

Pfft, you're just lucky there's no windows around >.>

Pff, that's just how you show affection. <.<

Does that mean you want to get thrown?

Depends where the window goes. :o

Outside most likely :P

You don't say...

Pfft, fine it goes inside?

That's a lot of posting you two. XD
@Shock: Love your new Avy.

Kind of.

@Nero: Thanks >.>

@Shock: Is it anything specific or is it just a random one?


I had a stupid asshole white bitch entitled lady hit my car and try to put the blame on me today. wheee!

@Pop: D:
That is terrible.


In other news, Pridephonse still panicking!


Stop that.

@Pop: You should have punched her in the tit. :o

Or you know just told her she's being unreasonable.

Nah, go with the violence. Violence is the answer to all of lifes problems.

@Blarg: *salutes*
Shall I blow up the rails ma'am?

Nah Dango Likes the rails, partial railing couldn't hurt, might even get us some new faces in here. :o

Partial railing? Guess it's better than being railed.
Even if it's pretty much completely derailed anyway >.>

Sounds like a plan then.
Still love your new avy Shock.

Now off to MML2 because I need to edit the finale of AE2.
Hooray for putting things off till the last minute.

@nero @xam @stranger in this case the answer was just immediately call the insurance company and email them all the photos of the accident before the dumb bitch could try telling them I was reading whilst driving(sorry holding a closed book does not constitute reading and just because I was reading before I even started my damn car does not constitute me continuing to read after I start my car). So insurance heard from me first, her insurance she showed me was expired, AND I sent them photos first and was very calm during the whole thing so she's the one who looks like she was in the wrong especially since she was in a parking lot screaming at me over it. I lost my calm once and raised my voice and then immediately calmed down and didn't raise my voice again. Also I made a cop very jumpy today.

Well, I guess violence didn't work quite THIS once. Though it is good that you managed to get all of your story and insurance in place first before her. Though making cops jumpy is rarely the best kind of practice.

@Pop: Nice job handling that, hopefully you won't have to listen to her screaming at you anymore. :p

@Shock: Indeed, now I can say creepy innuendos THINGS in casual conversation.

@Xmbts: So no change then?

Yeah pretty much.

@stranger it's remarkable how I go from upstanding citizen to delinquent just by turning my hat 180 degrees. I had my hat on backwards. And that made them jumpy. Plus with the manhunt thing that ended yesterday for that Dorner guy...yeah that was 45 mins max from my house. 30 mins normally though. And one of our cops died yesterday(or someone's cops died yesterday) so the funeral was today and since the remains have yet to be identified as Dorner or not they're very jumpy in general. I walked into Subway and cop automatically put his hand on his gun. Stupid really.

@xam I won't have anything to do with her anymore. Her insurance and my insurance will deal with her and me separately.

Also image everyone!
I am overusing that gif since it was made for me and makes me giggle every time I see it

@Xmbts: Good to know ;D

@Shock: Nothing ever changes right?

@Pop: Wow, that's quite the story there.

@nero which? the car accident or pd?

@Pop: Both Mrs. Pumpkin head.
What's with your avy? XD

@Nero: I guess >.>

@Shock: Shifting eyes everywhere too. >.>
Now off to Psych 101.

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