If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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Well, *cough*

You looked perfectly fine. <.<

you have hurt me para, you could have at least thrown a rock at me to wake me up.

How about a proverbial rock? It hit you hard didn't it?


The proverbial rock hit my feelings pretty hard man. It will take me a few years to recover from the shock

GOODNESS. That's a century less than projected. You'll make remarkable recovery in no time! :D

For some reason I feel like you were targeting me, are you after my sanity?

*holding a pickaxe*

Are you alright? Do you need any help?


.......Why do you have a pickaxe? Actually not gonna ask that, what are you planning to do with that o.o

Sometimes, its better to not know.

The problem is I don't know if she wants to help me, or para >.>'

I want to help ALL of you!

*practices swing*

You can help by calmly putting down the pickaxe before you hurt someone.


*throws pickaxe away*

*pickaxe hits Goatnicorn*

How many of those do you have?
And are they expensive?
Oh, and do they come in rainbow colour?

well there goes our transportation now, at least it didn't attack.

If only one of us knew necromancy!

Oh! I do, I do!

Then I leave it to you to bring back the goatnicorn so we have transportation.

Done and done. Although I'm a bit worried that it may be hostile to everyone but me now.

Excuse me,I'm a csi

*shows a name card written in crayon*

I'm here to investigate an illegal necromancy.

*examines zombigoatnicorn*

Now I'm gonna have to seize this!

*drags zombigoatnicorn away*

*sips orange juice* This is far far too fascinating.

*pets catuppy*

What's Ash going to do with a zombie goatnicorn? Zombies don't go well in soup.

*also pets catuppy*

Damn, the cops found us. Now how will we get back?

*peeks in through the door*


We'll have to make a motorbike out of zombie viscera.

I don't know what I was on, but I think I may need more of it.

That's it! We need more drugs, drugs are the secret to gaining super powers.

But which drugs? Uppers, downers, hallucinogens?

All of them, that will get the desired super human effect

At the same time, right?

of course, such is the way of super powers

So many things flashing before my eyes! Narwhals, penguins, cats, EA. Oh no wait that's not the drugs that's staikas avatar.

*wraps in blanket and snoozes* It's a good day. @.@


That was a really long nap.

*makes a note on a clipboard*

Fascinating... I never knew such things could be...


dull. Especially with Ash around.

Oh, hey Doc.

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