Do You Wanna Date the Above Avatar?

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Sexy mask is sexy! So I say yes!

Blue cat is still a cat, so no.

Well he's still not in his dress... so no...<.<

I agree.

Still not sure.

Still wearing a helmet, so... maybe

Only if he put on a nice little dress for me...

Dammit, everyone's obsessed with my dress =/


I love how you defy common physics by being sideways...

kitty! kitty!

*turns head*



I'm not to fond of the Helmet.



Not sure if the helmet improves attractiveness.

You're forgetting, the helmet is removable, but while it's on it can only add to the mystery of what I really look like.

Take it off... -.-

Heh... I could say the same... :p

Alright, but it's your turn to wear the dress >.> Also...

I find this relevant...<.<

besides it isn;t unusual for my avatar to wear a dress... considering it's a girl... was planning wearing one anyway...<.<

Hey! Why aren't you in the back of the van?... >.>

Why aren;t you in your dress?


Ill get into my dress when you get into the van... >.>

Well, I'm already in the van... now get into your dress...<.<

Alright :3

Oh yeah...



Maybe, but probably not.

Most definitely! Come to me!

Here I come.*with an axe*

But of course. I've always had a thing for humanoids.

Needs more hats.

Let me mold you.

I don't swing that way...

Maybe later.

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