You have been transformed into your avatar.

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I am now a Meiji era wanderer who is unbeatable with a Katana in my hand and quirky speech.

Holy shit im Albert Wesker! Thats aweseome!

I'm a disembodied hand with a top hat and a cane. Looks like I'll be taking the WB frog's schtick.

Paul Banks is watching your Slow Hands as Stella dives down on Obstacle-1.

Yeah, I really love the Strokes too. (joking)

OP: I am a fat black guy kayaking down the Charles River during the 2010 Stotesbury Cup Regatta. For whatever reason I have stuck a pirate flag through the hull of my vessel, because apparently pirates like to sink their ships. If that doesn't, one of the many shells barreling down the river (one of which I myself am in!) will.

well crap...this sucks :(

Well at least I would be pretty powerful.
The irrational hatred of cans might get weird though.

So I'm Commander Shepard's armor, thats cool I guess. If not a little gross.

Not if it is female Commander Shepard's armor ^_^
OT I am a kick ass robot dog from the apocalypse. Sweet!

Be the cutest and most awesome half-dragon ever.
Wind cutter!

Wait, are you telling me I've physically become Jane Lane?

...I am content.

Dude I would get to be with Tron Bonne what's better then that?

Big Daddy's are cool, wouldn't be much of problem (already got a little sister so that bit's covered too :-)

I wouldn't give a damn.


Not sure who it is to be honest, but I look sad and in need of a hug :(

I'm a female pony with glitchy coloring that will most certainly trigger my OCD.

The Freeman must acquire me more cigarettes.

Wooo! I'm Floramon! Now if I can just find a Digivice...

Red XIII? I approve : D

A badass old man who can charge himself with the energy of the sun and extend purple electric thorny tentacles from his hands. Looking like Chuck Norris doesn't hurt, too.

I'm an ODST from the Halo series. Whatever reservations I have fly away when I remember I get to drop onto a planet from orbit in a little pod. That would be awesome!

You had all better run.

Oh who am I kidding? You are all screwed.

I am formless.
I am nothingness.
I am everything...

I've turned into Eddy Merckx, the greatest cyclist the world has ever seen! Fuck uni, my career is set!

Sweet! I am become Richard, Mayor of a Small Town up the coast!

I ... am a comatose (ish), time travelling (ish) British copper (DI) with an alcoholic, homophobic and violent boss working with some of the worst examples of idiocy and corruption in Human nature, yet somehow still passed selection in the police?

I've been transformed into Miles Edgeworth. I spend the rest of my days being hounded by obsessive fangirls, desperately trying to avoid them because a) half of them are underage and b) I'm secretly gay for phoenix wright

Sweet! I am become Richard, Mayor of a Small Town up the coast!

Oh LFG, how you amuse me.

OT: I'm a magical mask who grants invincibility to bandicoots who shove their noses up my arse.



I've been wondering, after I crash into you and annihilate you all, will there be anywhere for me to go? Will I be all alone, floating through a field of spacial debris that used to be your pitiful planet?
*Song of time rings out*
I've been wondering, after I crash into you and annihilate you all...

woot im scott pilgrim
*gets his head kicked by an evil ex*

Transvestite silver...well the psychic powers stuff would be nice? i guess? :s

so i am now a chibi fox mccloud ...... i can live with that

I get to be Pikachu. ^_^

Lucky!!! I get to be.. a kitten. Oh well, I'm only taking a nap because owning people on COD and Halo is really exhausting for a kitten like myself...heh

*looks at avatar*


...have magical power- wait. I'm a chick.


Pingas Dictator, and the PINGAS regime will march in the streets and there will be PINGAS and hapPINESS for everyone.

I have the manliest mustache ever!

So I'm a Tyrannosaurus Rex flying an F-16..........this should be fun

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