Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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He is in fact a super-intelligent shade of indigo

He likes to pick things up and put them down.

Wasn't Eumersian a beta tester for Bubsy 3D?

a dark brooding evil scientist who enjoys rain and the smell of books

pyramid head grape:

fancy man of cornwood

He is this.

oh SNAP!

OT: a WW1 british pilot fighting the red baron

An extra that got killed off in the original Star Trek...

a guy who wears a yellow shirt, apparently

That guy who avoided death by doing that thing he does.

wierd al bundy

Waitamin... Actually, I think it was steeple who runs a metaphysics book shop. Silly me.

a brave astro-physicist, which has gone to places man only dreams of finding

An undersea explorer taking a 3 day break.

a professional bob-sled racer

Leader of a zombie army!


The cutter of the cake!

the cutter of cheese :P

Creator of smilies XD

Destroyer of picnics.

A mason of windmills methinks.

A blatant misogynist.


But back on topic, something tells me you were a game show contestant on the new 1 vs. 100.

Someone without a face.

The above is totally true. I edit my initial judgement, this person is a wizard.

OT: The person above me is the charismatic leader of a cult. Which cult, I cannot be sure.

Has no face, so that must mean he is a cat.

the proud owner of "ants in the pants"

They are a person who accidentally their whole internet.

he cant count, thinking one person is plural :P

Steeple is the sort of guy who'd punch an unattended baby in the face, just because he knows he could get away with it! D=

I think he is a spy!

They have awesome hats.

Editor of awesome.

The person who sold me my one awesome hat.

That guy who knew I couldn't stay away.

The guy who gives me free cheese daily.

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