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sci-fi or medieval?


A being/ thing can show your future with your very eyes. Will you gaze into your future or refuse the offer? (The future is 100% accurate and it's up to you if you believe it to be ture or not and believe in destiny or not).

Refuse the offer, I'd rather live life without being burdened with knowledge of the future.

A water fountain or a statue?

Statue (the sound of running water makes me wanna go to the toilet)

Bros or hoes?

Sword. I like swords.

Buying firewood or making your own?

Buy firewood

Which French food will you try, snails or frog legs?

Frog legs.

Considering Redlin5 replied to my last post on the previous page...I'll ask again.

Bros or Hoes?


Shut 'Em Up or Shut 'Em Down?

Shut 'em down. I don't ask twice...

Guns blazing, or stealth?

Stealth, followed by guns blazing.

One shot, one kill or many shots, many kills.

One shot, one kill (Bad ass)

Law or Chaos?


Paint the wall or put wallpapers on it?

Paint, I think it generally looks better.

If you could fly what would be the best way, Jetpack, Wings, Flying surf board or helicopter pack?
Other forms of flight will not be accepted.


How do you do? or How are you?

How do you do?

Cup O'Tea or Mug O'Joe?

Cup O'Tea.

Hello or Hi.

Hello, none of this shortening of words for me.

Stout or lager?

Lager but I'm not fond of either.

Spambots or annoying posters?

annoying posters.

Games or movies?


Normal razor or Electric razor?

Cut throat for me! Not that I shave all that often.

Scooter or bike?

Fallout Or Elderscrolls?


EA or Activision?


Xbox (original) or Gamecube.


JRPG or western RPG?

Western, can't stand most JRPG

Jealousy or envious?


Pizza or Hotdogs?


Fire or water?


Hot tea or Ice tea?

Hot tea (although I don't drink tea)

Lance or Spear?

Spear - pole arm, FTW

Salsa or Tango?


Killjoy or Killing Spree?

Killing Spree. More satisfying.

Death from above or head to head in a dogfight?

Dog fight...It's possible to live!

Death by pizza or death by taco!

Death by Taco.

Friendly fire, On or Off?

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