You know you've been on the Escapist too long when...

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My heavens. *Rubs face*...I'm human.

I've lived a quarter of a century.

You stop caring about style, you just need to stay warm

Burgers are Christmassy aren't they?

You are five years overdue.

There's a new younger chaplain in town.

You forgot you sent in your two-week notice

One has a 5-day growth in 48 hours.

Your oven dings and smoke fills your room

Those urine jars are piling up.

You're well into your third series of tubes.

It's the first Goddamn week of winter.

Your left hand is gay.

Fear is the mind seducer.

Chris mass?

Someone ordered a pint of Cocoa.

When you're slowly losing all your friends due to people leaving the site. <.>

When you gotta start makin friends in real life

When you dust off your old Escapist profile and still see some of them folks from years ago hanging around and it feels like you never left...

(hi everyone)

(that illusion won't last long)

That machine that always buzzes starts beeping alarmingly

When your posts are the whole page of the forum games.

It's been a while.

You remember all the content that has come and gone from this site.

When Yahtzee begins to review the website that hosts him.

When you start to remember De-rez.

When no one is here anymore

When you start seeing a sinister ulterior motive behind every innocent question on forum threads.

When you're at work and the name "Paragon Fury" causes you to instinctively check to make sure no one else can see your computer screen.

It's been over a year and you haven't touched any of the "Game Industry Discussion" or the "Religion and Politics" threads.

...But One Piece is still light-years more approachable than decades-old interconnected franchises where ultra-shitty writers are often given free reign in one story to ret-con whatever they want or otherwise pollute the entire fiction.

Nature Guardian:


Nature Guardian:
I thought it was a really brave and interesting idea. A deconstruction of one of the most single-minded goodytwoshoes heroes. And also a social message about America. Very clever.

Which, of course, means that fanboys will hate hard on it until it's changed back.

"Deconstruction" and "complete character rewrite" are two very different things.

You must be new to superhero comics then.

Characters get rewritten ALL THE TIME to the point of ridicule. Why's Cap America any different now?

When that happens.

forum games is all you post in.

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