Blatant Lies

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These notifications work

I'm actually Redlin's alt account.

Checks out guv

I'm regular around here... >_>

you best keep walking off our turf now boyo!

Off topic: Please stay it's so quiet here

If anyone stays, its because of Stockholm syndrome and has nothing to do with the decade's worth of friendships.

I don't wish for many to hearken back to those times... :|

All the content here is just riveting.

I while away my days here...

I'm not tickled that this thread perpetually murders web hamsters when clicking on its page.

We can always get more hamsters.
They'll not be running out any day now.

I don't get severe nostalgia attacks from this site.

There are quite a few guys/gals I don't miss... :/

Cartoon Network is still worthwhile.

Neonbob wasn't my favorite 'forum celebrity' back in the golden era.

Nobody has ever told me the world was gonna roll me.
D'awwwwww. Feelin the love XD
Those olden golden days...

Feeling very productive...

Honk if you're seriously considering the impending fall of man at the hands of the super flu
the government doesn't want you to know about
And are using to secretly control our minds upping sales for products that call for more demand of better products thus creating a never ending cycle of buy/replace and never renew.


I haven't gotten tired of watching a page load for three years and a day.

We died years ago, this is just what's left.

I haven't been taken in by Pokemon Go again.

I'm not trawling YouTube for girls speaking Gaeilge... ?_?

I've never wanted a box-shaped vehicle.

I will not ban the bot here soon.

I know I'm not the bot... >_> ... <_< ...

I absolutely love the direction of mainstream rap these days.

The indie/ other stuff is horrible though.
Anderson Paak may have the most unfunky bass line of 2016

I adore screaming people on game shows.

I know why I still play multiplayer games most of the time.

Party at mine!

Its the thread that will never end!

I could go a day without my vendetta.

I could go a day without my vendetta.

The whales are safe from you.

I'm wide awake and fully alert...

My back feels amazing.

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