You've just woken up naked next to the lead singer of the last band you listened to

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Rob Zombie.

Oh dear.

But wait! There's someone else under the sheets! It's...


Screw it. I'm sleeping next to Hayley Williams.

Rob Zombie. ...*>.o* Well..on the bright side it might have been a threesome with his wife.

2D from the Gorillaz isnt real...

But who the fuck really cares anyway...?

...kinda hot i guess...

2012 Wont Happen:
Ian MacKaye...

My response:

WHAT THE FUCK?!?! It's not as if either of us would be drunk to get into such a situation...

I am in the same situation as you. My advice, dear sir, is to enjoy it while it lasts and hope Amy doesn't find out.

EDIT: Then again, I'm listening to The Evens so... I'm in between Ian AND Amy. Whoa...

ED... Seriously I could keep going all day: Guess it's a good thing I wasn't listening to Fugazi.

I last listened to techno....How would this work exactly?

Well it depends. If we go with what I'm listening to at this precise moment then it is Chris Robertson of Black Stone Cherry

If we go with what I was listening to while in my car on my way home from work then it is Jonathan Davis of Korn.

Personally, I'd be fine with either.

Elena sigman?

I'd wake up to Paul Murphy of Wintersleep and accidentaly ejaculate all over him in my excitement, thereby creating a very awkward situation which would lead to him shunning me for the duration of what would most likely be the only time I ever meet someone from my favorite band ever. I would then go home and cry, possibly forever.

Eeew... I just woke up next to a corpse!

If he has sex like he sings then I'm all for it, Win Butler from Arcade Fire lol

Destroyx from Angelspit.

I can live with that.

No... no, I couldn't... not with Jeff Hardy! (Last band I listened to was Peroxwhy?gen)

He's my idol and all, but... I can't...

I would probably scream... very loudly, like loud enough for Yhatzee to hear me, and I live in Southeern California!

I would be scared shitless of the police catching me in the six-foot deep hole I had to dig in order to fuck Jay Reatard, and in which I carelessly fell asleep, completely naked, in a post-coital nirvana. I would use the Indigo Prophecy defense.

Roscoe Thunderpants from Savlonic

I just woke up next to Metallica. My best friend would be SO jealous.

Dave Mustaine.

Hmm...must have been one hell of a night!

Aww god damnit not again!

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. Not good.

He is both pretty old and a guy. Not my cup of tea.

Mmmmm Anders Friden, I love those dreadlocks.

I last listened to techno....How would this work exactly?

the DJ then :-)
I almost ended up with above and beyond (3 guys and a chick.... please let it be the chick),
but this morning I loaded up Ayumi Hamasaki.

So... Score!!

Daft Punk, would they have their metal heads on?
And neither are the lead singer, so it would be a threesmoe, and I'm a guy..... Ok, I guess.

Anthony Kiedis...

I'd run out of the room screaming my head off.

I quickly apologize to Danny Elfman and tell him how much I enjoyed LEGO Batman.

gabriel iglesias..... no no no no noooooooooooooooooooooooo

Wait, the last thing I listened to was...

Oh dear God...

Bryan Adams.
No complaint, whatsoever.

Wow Ellen Mclain(the voice actress for GlaDOS) just cheated on her husband with me. I would probably try to find some clothes and somehow get back home.

Liam Gallagher... What the hell did I smoke last night?

Sarah Blasko, hell id keep her there if i could!

Ray W fucking Johnson. Oh no.

Frank Bornemann was born in 1945. Even if I were gay, I would not want; they guy is 65.

So wait, I just woke up besides Fluttershy?

*tries to hide overjoy*


Sweet. I have Elena Siegman, who sings "Abracadavre".

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