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Trying to get the last post, LIKE A BOSS

Created the 6th page, LIKE A BOSS

Finally finished my assignment LIKE A BOSS

Finally about to get some sleep, LIKE A *Yaaaaawn* BAWS...

Have trouble falling asleep, LIKE A BOSS!

Keeping the song in our heads LIKE A BAWS!

Wasting time LIKE A BOSS!

Answer the phone, LIKE A BOSS!

Starve to death LIKE A BOSS

Listen to the same song a million times LIKE A BOSS!

Want some food LIKE A BAWS!

Forgot to do the dishes LIKE A BOSS!

Escape from my mom's wrath LIKE A BOSS!

Cooking pork chops, LIKE A BOSS!

Reading comments LIKE A BOSS!

Playing the Big Bad Wolf on stage LIKE A BOSS!

Post Pokemon music LIKE A BAWS!

Get the taxes done, LIKE A BOSS!

Go food shopping, LIKE A BOSS!

Get some new books, LIKE A BOSS!

Eat my cookies LIKE A BOSS

Gotta love coconut LIKE A BOSS

Reading about the Word Bearer's, LIKE A BOSS!

Fall to the dark gods, LIKE A BOSS!

K.O. some Zubats LIKE A BOSS!

Get inspired to play Pokemon LIKE A BOSS!

Not getting a job LIKE A BAWS!

Finished a book, LIKE A BOSS!

Started a book, LIKE A BOSS!

Eat sausage roll, LIKE A BOSS!

Catch a bus, LIKE A BUSS!

Have a panic attack, LIKE A BOSSS!

Play snake on my calculator LIKE A BOSS!

Having lunch LIKE A BOSS!

Reading Ultramarines Omnibus LIKE A BOSS!

Laying on the couch, like a boss.

Watching Conan O'brien, like a boss.

Remembering old DOS games LIKE A BAWS!

Watching a video, LIKE A BOSS!

Joined the Escapist at the same date as the person above LIKE A BOSS!

Stare in awe at people having the same join date LIKE A BOSS!!

Get a girlfriend LIKE A BOSS!

Get a girlfriend LIKE A BOSS!

Congratulate a friend LIKE A BOSS!

Listing to 1960s Brazilian acid rock LIKE A BOSS.

Defeat the Black Plague LIKE A BOSS!

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